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Rebirth of New Zealand: The Chilean-Argentine War

1,821 jour, 12:38 Published in United Kingdom Afrique du Sud de Freebairn

New Zealand, as most defeated nations usually do, has once again risen up and reclaimed part of their original homeland. The province of Canterbury is the new capital of this one-state nation. Loyal citizens of New Zealand had been fighting some resistance wars in the former provinces of New Zealand(Occupied by Argentina). This was the first one to succeed. This began a string of Argentinian losses in the area. After losing Canterbury to Kiwi Rebels, they lost Auckland to a Chilean invasion force coming over from Australia. They now only hold Otago and Wellington, leaving two provinces unconnected. Chile and Argentina continue to fight over this area, and this revolution has given Chile a leg up in the conflict.

Argentina and Chile have been fighting over the Oceanic Region (against each other and the native nations) for a while. Chile has been very successful in their campaigns, taking over Australia. Argentina had held all of New Zealand, but now their colonial holdings may be in jeopardy. The eUK is allied with Chile and therefore, their victories are ours as well. The Legion is also supplying troops to the Chilean campaigns in order to put down Argentina and help our allies. Aiding Chile also helps our cause at slowing down the growth of Brazil and Argentina (for our own security and that of our allies). If we can help Chile become a regional superpower, then we gain the majority of influence and power in that area. Good luck to the Allied armies now attempting to take Otago (occupied by Argentina).

Chilean LAUTARO soldiers preparing to move into Otago.




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