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Ranginui - in need of members

1,855 jour, 12:58 Published in New Zealand Nouvelle-Zélande de ave-imperator
Hello kiwis!

It's me again, writting in urgent because the number of Ranginui members is drastically low. I'd be very happy if anyone join us; could be a newbie or an old member of community. Also I'd like to thank Crusadercarl who joined party to help with our cause!

The previous action was not successful, which i don't really know why. But maybe I can add some more information about Ranginui's party programe.

As you could read in an article published before the social program will be continued. I might have been a little too strict but now I am correcting the sayings of mine. Everybody who needs help will be provided with it! But forms of help are different; of course it includes food, advices and sometimes if I am well situated also a weapon or two (I can imagine a newbie is glad to get anything).

Furthermore, parties in eRepublik, not just these days but since begining have only a small influence on lifes of citizens (although it varies from country to country), so we are in need of creating new ways of making this game interesting and playable. Therefore, a party channel on IRC was made. Server rizon, channel #ranginui. I would be very glad if you join sometimes, even if you're not a party member. The most active members might even get a "status on channel".

Well, this point might be the most important, we would not be a patry if we didn't have a political programe. Ranginui's orienation is center-left, I would have chosen "left" but sadly it is no an option. Expressing your opinion is not just allowed but is a need for every constructive debate, so don't be scared, I'm not going to excommunicate you just because you think differently of some problems. Unless you bullshit of course. 😛

As said many times, we are in need of members, if active onse even better. But anyone is welcomed.



Leo de Salto II
Leo de Salto II 1,855 jour, 13:22

Hey, I will give you an advice.

You do not get party members by just giving food 😉

A party must work for the comunity, do a lot of work to see real succed. A party need to be active in the country life.

Is true, NZ is a little country and has no too much activity or new players, but even if there is 1 new player a day the party that find a way to make that player stay in the game and join it, would be successful.

ave-imperator 1,855 jour, 13:35

agreed : )

Crusadercarl 1,856 jour, 01:34

No bullshit?? WTF?? I'm screwed:/

IlichRamirezSanchez 1,856 jour, 12:15

ave-imparator i may return to NZL and can join your party

ave-imperator 1,856 jour, 13:00

that would be great! 😃

Skyline35 1,857 jour, 01:53

Oh, CC is here, Awesome:)

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