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Praetorian Guards: New Partners and Guerrilla Fight Contest

1,965 jour, 21:03 Published in USA Canada de DMV3

New Partners:
Praetorian Guards is proud to announce that we are partnering with The Activity . The Activity is an MU focused on helping develop new players and building up the community through social interactions. This focus compliments Praetorian Guards’ focus on damage and in-game activity and making the war module interesting and relevant for our members.
This partnership will include sharing a forum, joint military operations and contests, and building our individual communities through interaction between newer and older players. This partnership is meant to help both units grow and prosper long-term. If you are interested in joining either group please check out our irc chans: #TheActivity and #praetorian-guards on the rizon network.

Guerrilla Fight Contest:
Praetorian Guards likes to be on the forefront of innovation when it comes to creating damage and fun on the battlefield. As a result we would like to announce a new program for our members and the members of our new partner MU The Activity . The contest is simple: Each day a player in either Military Unit makes the top fifty in the eUS they are awarded 2 Gold and at the end of the week the player ranked highest in the weekly results will receive an additional 10 Gold. The contest will run Monday to Sunday with the weekly payout made on the following Monday.


Praetorian Guards is looking for soldiers with the committment, strength, and determination to be protectors of the American Empire. We're looking for Standard and Auxillary Members.

Standard Members receive 10 Q7 tanks per 25 kills without limit. Auxiliary Members receive 5 Q7 tanks per day, but do not commune.

If you think you have what it takes to join simply fill out the application and we will contact you about the status of your membership.

Long Live the American Empire!
Long Live Praetorian Guards!


EnterAwesome 1,965 jour, 21:04


Henry Pfeiffer Arundel
Henry Pfeiffer Arundel 1,965 jour, 21:05

Fair bit of gold to burn.

DMV3 1,965 jour, 21:20

I have been giving out gold for awhile now, it's nothing new for us.

Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris
Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris 1,965 jour, 21:57

Strength and Honour

Mercurius100 1,965 jour, 22:03

Additional info for Activity members, and more about the Guerrilla Fights contest:

ligtreb 1,965 jour, 22:04

Great work!

ArnoldDjin 1,965 jour, 23:16

'Going to the triarii'...

Suzuki Ryosuke
Suzuki Ryosuke 1,966 jour, 03:33

Voted, but for me guerrilla simply sucks!

Geronimo100 1,966 jour, 05:36

Ave Praetoriani

Magnanimous 1,966 jour, 06:18



Arrden 1,966 jour, 09:30

What American Empire?

DMV3 1,966 jour, 09:32

The one we will create!

0sebek 1,966 jour, 09:54

Hail Praetorian Guard!

Roberrto 1,966 jour, 10:21

Strength and Honour

Devil.s.Dance 1,966 jour, 11:17

Strength and Honour

Gnilraps 1,966 jour, 13:47

This is a fantastic idea and I love it.

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe 1,966 jour, 15:21

Praetorian Guards are p. cool.


PeVall 1,966 jour, 16:29

Hail Praetorian Guard!

alllex85 1,966 jour, 17:09

Strength and Honour


Daniel Cheers
Daniel Cheers 1,966 jour, 23:21


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate 1,967 jour, 02:53

I'll give it a vote

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