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Plato trolling us? aye

1,917 jour, 09:01 Published in Ireland Croatie de Marinko Margarin



columbia 1,917 jour, 09:10


Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho 1,917 jour, 09:11

lol, noticed that also. Just missing the debate button. xD

I do think that Alliances could have a bigger part in game mechanics, but I think the PVP thing is just gonna turn into a way to get more cash from the players.

LitoII 1,917 jour, 09:16

haha, actually economy is rumoured to be really started working on, but nothing specific

Plato showing nice troll moves : P

MR. HANK SCORPIO 1,917 jour, 09:18

Obviously there to shut everybody up

Marinko Margarin
Marinko Margarin 1,917 jour, 09:20

he failed at that stage as well xD

SexyCicko 1,917 jour, 09:18

the perfect troll

MUFC992 1,917 jour, 09:47

Epic Plato is epic.

I even started to love his way after all this years...

CaioMario 1,917 jour, 10:01

Plato is the expert troll....

Fairy King
Fairy King 1,917 jour, 10:49

Yeaaah My meme was used by another person \o/ I'm happy 😛

Brian Boru
Brian Boru 1,917 jour, 12:09

Guerilla fight?

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace 1,917 jour, 14:54

Pretty lame guerrilla fighting 😛

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