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Party President election results(February - March)

1,915 jour, 06:55 Published in Belgium Belgique de tommot
Party President election results.

The results are given as followed: First the Logo of the party followed by its name. Then the name of the newly elected president. After that comes the number of votes he/she received out of the total of votes given within the party. and as last(if neseccary) a little note on the result of that party.

These are the new party-presidents:

Babyboom: SwaqqCoryn - 17 votes out of the total 18 votes
Total of 3 candidates
H.O.P.E.: A Vegan - 13 votes out of the total 22 votes
Total of 8 candidates
Res Belgica: boer jan - 14 votes out of the total 26 votes
Total of 6 candidates
All TOgethers: Beaverss Tribute to Raskol - 13 votes out of the total 13 votes
Total of 1 candidate
Yes We Can: BrunoCND - 11 votes out of the total 12 votes
Total of 2 candidates
Belgium for Belgians: Manekemaan - 6 votes out of the total 6 votes
Total of 2 candidates
Belgian Beer Party: Rica Fort - 3 votes out of the total 4 votes
Total of 2 candidates
Netherlands BE Back: Cruciatu - 2 votes out of the total 2 votes
Total of 1 candidate
Belgian Liberal Democrat Party: Kaad - 1 votes out of the total 1 votes
Total of 1 candidates
Belgian Labour Party: Jens Leupe - 1 votes out of the total 1 votes
Total of 2 candidates
"I like trains": No candidates/No information

Note on party "I like trains": This party has only 1 member and that person is inactive. Making this(as i stated before) a dead party. This information about this party will be continued to be shared until either the sole member is a "dead citizen" or moved out of this party.

Please do vote and/or subscribe
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SwaqqCoryn 1,915 jour, 07:00

Nice article ! +Voted

Keep up the good work

mEd de Leeuw
mEd de Leeuw 1,915 jour, 07:01

Voted! (And we changed our logo btw 😛 )

tommot 1,915 jour, 07:14

I've checked several times.
It is the correct one.

SwaqqCoryn 1,915 jour, 07:17

It's not updated I guess ^^ Not a problem,, moustashugirl is fine.

tommot 1,915 jour, 07:20

I had a similar problem with my avatar. you have to re-load a few times and even then you might have to wait until after the next maintenance-cycle.

Gatsby18 1,915 jour, 07:03

Good article !

BrunoCND 1,915 jour, 07:22

Thank you ; )

boer jan
boer jan 1,916 jour, 07:05

Res Belgica is not the biggest party anymore,
but proof is there that we still have the most active members
we are not beaten yet 🙂

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