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On the road to multipolarity

1,821 jour, 14:44 Published in Slovenia Slovénie de Ice Killa

Once upon a time to dream about multipolarization was deemed as an unacceptable illusion. A dream for those who dreamed of the old days, nostalgia. When every single battle had a specific reason and was not being fought just for the sake of fighting as is the case nowadays. With me indicating on that, do I begin this article. The rising cost of pacts makes this game far more diverse. It is said by having everyone as your friend, no one can be considered as your friend. They are merely aligned to you. With this, with making alliances far more stiff, the cost of them rising, do you force countries into making the harsh decisions. In other words, you are important, you are less important, thus we say farewell to you. One might put that this system is unfair for weaker countries, but looking on the old days, how things were back then, the situation was the same. It is foolish to accept the fact weaker countries, with negligible active player base, can match the superpowers of eRepublik. Something had to be done, and unawarely bringing back the economy back to the game via raising the value of currency did just that. In this aspect do I have to congratulate the eRepublik team.

The problem though is, if I may be a bit provocative, the price of the alliances is still far too low for any great multipolarization to occur. Why exactly do I favour multipolarization is another question. It's hard to specify if at start it will make the game interesting right away - if and when more poles come into existence. On long term basis it will definitely shape up things much differently as we see them currently. Diplomacy will again step in and take the leading role. Not only will raw power prevail, but so will mental processing of things be of some importance after being absent for quite a while.

The road to multipolarization does bring many perilous challenges for the current system of alliances. It will force countries to rationalize their costs, comparable to real life. As I have before stated, the less important will fall off thus leaving the powerful with the powerful. A few blocks might actually form if the price of gold keeps plunging down. Blocks closely resembling the historical alliances present in eRepublik since its creation. The Balkan alliance, the Western group and the counter "Balkan alliance" opposing Serbia. A few smaller might as well come into context, but only as the game progresses with time. In the early stages to stay strong, one will have to keep strong allies. Even if with that the old friendships will have to be broken. Interests will always prevail, anywhere.

The gold can nowadays be used solely for training, any other use - except trading it into currency - is long gone. Of course, the companies might be upgraded using it, but in the times where changes are an everyday constant no one finds risking hundreds of gold as a viable option.

As I have before discussed the concept how diplomacy will once again make a reappearance, so can I say the wars that we know, the nowadays concept of warfare, will change drastically. Things will once more lean as they had been in the past. Wars with specific meaning, wars which were deemed as important due to interests, land-swapping, economical gains or simply implying one had to get the tactical advantage over another. No more can we expect perpetual wars as was the case in the last year. And for that, I consider the recent changes as good, interesting and great for the diversity of this game.

I have tried coming up with cons to the current changes occurring throughout eRepublik, but in vain. I cannot see how the changes can in negative way impact the game itself. The only negative thing could be the fact those used to everyday fighting might have problems finding battles in which they would be able to fight. The lack of battles will create a tendency for people to strive for wars for the sake of fighting in them. Training wars if anyone recalls, could make a comeback. The era of organized battles might be here sooner than we may think.

The road to multipolarization will create the need for argumentative diplomacy crucial. Countries lacking diplomacy will be left paralyzed. While those having penchant attitude to "kind words" might find themselves at the helm even with relatively weaker military posture. Comparable to UK in the former Phoenix. A country of relatively no power, yet brilliant diplomacy.

The changes are here. Adjust or be eaten.

Best regards,
Ice Killa aka Howly



Matrix Pegaz
Matrix Pegaz 1,821 jour, 14:58


Markolol 1,821 jour, 14:59


Srpski Sin 83
Srpski Sin 83 1,821 jour, 15:11

Prove me if I am wrong but in V1 MPP cost was 100 gold.... Even with that cost eWorld was bipolar and almost all countries had MPPs with each other. If it stays at 10k cc per MPP I don't see how can that affect anything but if admins decide to make MPP price higher well that will be different story.

Ice Killa
Ice Killa 1,821 jour, 15:17

Limit the inflow money, raise the price of MPPs in comparison to the value of currency and you have yourself the proper recipe how to achieve multipolarity.

And yes, I do have to agree with your conclusion regarding v1, but then again it wasn't the same game. Things differed in many aspects. How economic bonuses were exploited and how tactics worked.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox 1,821 jour, 15:20

It will always be bi-polar, fewer MPPs and wars just makes moving from A to B a smoother process. You can MPP almost any two countries at the moment, there are so few wars they are unlikely to cancel out.

nimnul 1,821 jour, 15:27

First the cost of MPP was 30 gold. Then it was raised to 100 gold. And there were also articles about collapse of traditional alliances, multipolarization etc.

Ice Killa
Ice Killa 1,821 jour, 15:28

You have to define if by bi-polar you can count in theory 2 different alliances as the same big entity. In this case CoT and exONE. They might fight for the same cause, but in general have different interests.

klop123 1,821 jour, 15:44

This was a most interesting read!

Thedillpickl 1,821 jour, 19:21

Yes... I would like fries with that.

Mr. Scrat
Mr. Scrat 1,822 jour, 04:08

I would like to see this multi-polar in place! \o/

Mystela 1,822 jour, 04:14


War3hous313 1,822 jour, 05:13

seems like interesting eTime xD

AThompson 1,822 jour, 06:50

I agree that a multipolar world would be a preferable alternative, really. The articles itself is an interesting one, but I miss deductions, but I think this was not the original goal of the article. : )


Spite313 1,822 jour, 07:17


Innocent Killer
Innocent Killer 1,822 jour, 09:32

don't know much about past but things seems interesting to me

SabatonBIH 1,822 jour, 10:22

Commentaire supprimé

x d x m
x d x m 1,822 jour, 10:54

Goal is this same. For a long time Howly wants balkan alliance. It will be the best for Slovenia - they are outside balkans, enormous force in their back - the easiest way to collect bonuses on their side.

It's not Serbia business being in the middle balkans. They will be forced stay there...and hit for others. still believe you can break balkan antagonisms? You are naive...

x d x m
x d x m 1,822 jour, 10:56

Bipolar world...if Plato will decide to sign max 5 or 6 MPP per country then it really is possible...

Ice Killa
Ice Killa 1,822 jour, 11:02

Slovenia has since ages aligned itself to Serbia and thus Serbian Balkan allies. I do not see what you are trying to enumerate with us trying to "exploit" the Balkan alliance. You can state the same for Slovakia and your attitude towards Poland. Not that I agree with you, just negating your statement.

Read the article a bit more attentively, I did state who would counter the Balkan alliance. Who counters the current Balkan order of countries is probably known to you? EDEN.

Erik-Ero 1,822 jour, 11:19

Nice to see you write,.. but can you fight for us?
I voted your articles because you are interesting... but do you train?
OK you write articles, but do you do anything else?
VOTE for lazy, hard work writer ; )

Superferro 1,822 jour, 21:57

vote for good job

Niemand 1,823 jour, 05:34


DARKADARKA 1,823 jour, 10:43


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