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My Presentation: Clint Carmel for Congress!

1,915 jour, 19:33 Published in USA États-Unis de Clint Carmel

Good day, my fellow citizens of the eUS. My name is Clint Carmel, and I am running for Congress.

Specifically, I am running for Congress on the 'We The People' Platform, as I believe we are all citizens in this great game together. Though I am the first to admit that I am new and that this is my first run for office, I have several things going for me that other candidates do not have:

1) I speak English. Rather fluently.
2) I was born in The Bronx, before moving to Colorado.
3) I have been active on behalf of WTP and the eUS Government. Some accomplishments of note: WTP now has a stronger media/wiki presence, and our e-country is looked on with more favor by other countries.
4) For those who care about military matters, also note that I am a proud graduate of the two-week USAF Flight Training.
5) Finally, if you are an active reader of this column, then you are already aware of my Interview with Oblige, and other topics that are of note to citizens of the eUS.

If you care about this country, and you want a Congressman that is willing to listen to you and hear your concerns, then I strongly urge you to vote for me on Election Day.

I am Clint Carmel, and I approve this message.



SColbert 1,915 jour, 19:43


Contrajuris 1,915 jour, 20:21

Voted and good luck.

kuckuck 1,915 jour, 21:15


Tanishq 1,915 jour, 21:26

Good luck - I wish you the best!

ligtreb 1,915 jour, 21:57

Good luck Clint! We could use some new faces in Congress.

Geronimo100 1,916 jour, 00:20

Good luck

Drew Blood
Drew Blood 1,916 jour, 01:44


Lonestar 2 1,916 jour, 05:22

Commentaire supprimé

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 1,916 jour, 05:25

It's a good start and I like your articles... but you do not mention an ounce of policy here. I'd ideally like to see anyone asking for a vote explain how they feel about the policies behind any buttons they have access to. Some stuff is cookie cutter for the efficient operation fo government, such as the fiscal law proposals, avoiding pointless impeachments and natural enemy declarations, etc.

But where do you stand on taxes?
~ Do you like the status quo? Want them higher? Lower? Why?

What about immigration?
~ Do you plan to follow IES where asked, or actively take a hand there? You're in a unity party so I assume you won't deviate there... but if you could, would you? Or do you lik the current system?

Alliances & Enemies.
~ One congress member cannot set policy alone, but you can block or support the President. Our last President wanted war, perhaps with Canada, yet Congress blocker her ambitions and she settled for Operation Gangnam Style. Congress also votes on joining or leaving alliances in the meta community. You say nothing of your international views.

These are just some examples. While nobody would expect you to know every nuance of government policy now, at least some token gesture towards discussion of policy would be nice, perhaps discuss opinions on the policies you do have views on now.

Right now, you're well-written, but it's a basic "vote for me because I'm nice" article. Some players do this and it works, because they have long-established community reputations, people know what they think. For example, Rainy Sunday comes to mind. You're fairly new. Explain a bit more. You're smart enough to not be a party yes-man, and WTP players often paint themselves as not being yes-men. So... show some substance.

Anyway... don't take this as an attack. Just as suggestions for improving your campaign by developing a platform. Not simply "let's be better". Platforms are less common in current congress elections... but they matter.


Nobunaga the Fool
Nobunaga the Fool 1,916 jour, 10:18

Good luck my friend! Voted 😃

I am The Best23
I am The Best23 1,916 jour, 12:44

good luck!

SColbert 1,916 jour, 14:04

I think you would make a very good congressman, but to emphasize what Max said, it would be good to hear some policy from you. Particularly I am interested in what your thoughts on our foreign policy are.

-How do you feel about us joining CoT?
-What is your opinion on us allying with past enemies?
-What do you think of Operation Gangnam Style?
-Do you think there are any better ways we can improve our foreign policy?

Just some thoughts. I wish you luck, and hope to see you in congress soon.

Haselrig 1,916 jour, 14:10

Voted. Good luck Clint.

Noablule Elubaon
Noablule Elubaon 1,916 jour, 17:22

keep marching to the drum beat that's pounded out for you and maybe, just maybe...

Hale26 1,916 jour, 20:05

Max raises an interesting point. I'd like to organize a debate for the congressional candidates on issues such as these. Though the game has little meat on it, I must admit there are a few issues that can be represented.

But, good article Clint. Glad to have you as a PHS staffer, and I'm sure you'd make an excellent congressman 😁.

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