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Multis Rejoice!

1,905 jour, 17:09 Published in Belgium Belgique de Kylero

I have submitted my resignation to President Tony Clifford for my Minister of National Security position.

I served two months for President BrunoCND, rooting out over 40 eBelgian Multis and countless international Multis. Countless hours were spent in this endeavor, and I just cannot continue to do this work while being regarded as some sort of [insert authoritarian epithet].

So this may come as good news to a great many of you. If you're sad, well...its your turn to be the Hans Landa of eBelgium...

(not that anyone cares)



Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate 1,906 jour, 00:56

"I just cannot continue to do this work while being regarded as some sort of [insert authoritarian epithet]."

some of your methods where just that

Jeiry 1,906 jour, 01:25

Now you can relax and enjoy your free time.

boer jan
boer jan 1,906 jour, 13:42

sorry to hear that, I can understand that it is not easy all the time, being called myself as idiot, unnecessary, egocentric and whatever.... adapt en go further is my way of thinking.
Remember you had a whole list of ways to track multis, and yet you used one who you could new that it would give trouble, cops are also bad everyone hates them, but they still do their job en sometimes we are glad they are there, is not it?

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain 1,907 jour, 14:16

Zo gaat het met omhooggeschetenen... ieder zijn pleziertje zou ik zeggen.

SwaqqCoryn 1,907 jour, 15:03

One mistake does not define who you are.
I can admit you worked hard for your country, even if we disagree on... Everything, to be honest ^.^

Anyway, voted. +Im pretty sure poeple care

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