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Misadventures in Party Politics, or Why I'm Running for PP!

1,905 jour, 14:47 Published in USA États-Unis de Serendipitous

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen. Perhaps I could interest you in some mood music?

The WTP is reaching a critical phase. In this party presidential election, we decide a few things.

We decide whether or not to pursue the path of technological growth, with the help of Mike Ontry, who has enormously aided our prospects. Coupled with the mighty messaging mastery of Hale26, the WTP media machine is a force to be reckoned with. With this technological growth, however, is the omnipresent threat of failure which must be mitigated. Elections and referendums can be more easily delivered to the people, but at what cost?

This month, we saw that cost in the flawed congressional election system which has been improved upon; we saw the cost in Candor’s brief lead in the WTP primary; these are not failures; the lightbulb was not crafted in an afternoon.

We decide whether or not to return to the fold or uphold the image of counterculture. Since John Jay created the party, he and Mazzy Cat after him took the helm as almost a belligerent party, one that would attempt to butt heads with the established order. Though Mazzy Cat obviously toned this down, the case can still be made.

We decide whether or not to embrace the Senate and People of Rome. SPQR is not a movement that is going away. It is a movement that seeks to raise up the American people, and create an empire we have not seen since the glory days of V1.

It is with all these decisions in mind that I humbly request your support for the position of party president. There are many other individuals vying for the position, but I do not think any of them have the connections, experience, and activity that I possess.

Yours in all things,



Geronimo100 1,905 jour, 15:11


For the People,
By the People,
WE THE People!

Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras 1,906 jour, 12:22

For the HOOD
By the HOOD


heliarc 1,907 jour, 03:49

occasionally something about this game makes me want to vomit sometimes.

heliarc 1,907 jour, 03:51

btw v+s

Drew Blood
Drew Blood 1,909 jour, 09:20

We should remain the party of opposition,however we don't have to be belligerent and yes I am the worst offender; butt heads however is a must if this party truly seeks change in government -which will not happen over night.

We should continue to use Mike Ontry's skills in bringing citizens the right to vote in game rather than on any forum, in game is where we will reach the most citizens.

sumadinac4c 1,910 jour, 04:23


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