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1,822 jour, 02:38 Published in Italy Slovénie de Phitio

But... With optimism!

Dear readers,
this is the english version of the last small new installment of my journal, to talk about those few news gathered in recent months on this sort of Bazookaville that Erepublik has become.

To begin with, after six months since my article on the Admin Bubble, all the trends are confirmed.
The days without "special offer" and "limited in time" could be counted on the fingers of one hand.
Obviously the offers would be "special" if indeed they were, but now they are actually the new normal, and are "limited in time" just right for the time that passes before replayed.

All of this was a prelude to a new doubling, because you know by now that the bubbles (nickname invented by economists to understand the exponential progressions) are generally characterized by a value that defines the progression itself: it's the time that passes before the value to double.

These days, with the so-called "supply pack", we have broken through a new threshold, and it would be the line that demarcated the border between "preferred customer" and "poor little scum of customers" : D

Obviously I'm joking.
Simply put, in adminland someone must have seen a drop in sales, despite the "must-offer" and threw the offering-equivalent of a weapons of mass destruction: an incredible package of stuff for "only" 10 euros.

And look at that stuff, it's really a lot: 75 golds, 20 bazooka, 20 bazooka boosters, and then rockets, chip for production, 20 energy bars ...
Just to say, the admin themselves say that buying them separately, these parts would cost 87 euro.

What is' the rationale behind this?

In fact, if you think about it, it made all the privileged customers angry, a subset of players which should be the economic base of the game. This because they see themselves bypassed by a unbelievable open offer to anyone, and rightly demand the restoration of their "privileges" of loyal customers .

For me, simply, admins have no choice but to try to attract other people and suck as many money as possible.

I was wondering that I have no idea how progressions strength of the various players is going on, but consider my case: simply using the golds earned in-game I was able to buy a free training q4, and a 0.19 gold q3, gaining 27.5 strength per day + trinkets.

I'm absolutely a mediocre player, understand. I guess elsewhere the daily gain now travel around the 50/60 points per day, or more.

In other words, everything is going out of control.
The need for speed is demanding more speed. Rich players run absolutely in the lead, and their advantage is increasing every day.

The newcomers, finding themselves confronted with monsters with strength from 10,000 to 30,000, were clear tucked into their cadet championship, where they can compete for crumbs and sweeteners (such as the BH conquerable with 50,000 damage). When they will exit form their baby-box, the will have non choice than buy golds.

Well, not. If you have 10 euros, you will buy the supply pack, do you agree? Maybe more than one. When this will expire, you think that players will buy the usual way? Pay 87 euros for stuff just payed 10?

Nope. people will sit and wait for another supply pack. So the Admins will be forced to offer it again, and substitute the usual "exceptional offers" whit these brand new "more than exceptional" offers.

A doubling, you see? Need for speed. More and bigger, and more. To have less money, mind you, if the new-buyers did not compensate with volumes.

That the game was reserved for gold buyers was implicitly accepted by all, but perhaps the gold buyers never imagined that it was implicit in the progression that their privileged status needed to be removed.

Less obvious still, is that, sooner or later, the game will not be able to balance money output (costs), and money input (gains).

I do not have quite clear in mind whether will be the dynamics of the game, or just the mechanics of physics to fail first.

Erepublik and has greatly expanded recently, it takes up a lot of servers which are very expensive to maintain, and staff salary.

All the structure has high costs, and if the CEOs choiches were trying to balance these costs through a unstable and explosive mechanism as a bubble of bigger and bigger offers (aggressive marketing), then the fate of this browser game is spelled.

In the meantime, I would give a greeting to all the newly born GoW (I don't even mention the military ranks steps below, which are a crowd, as in a condominium), which ultimately are springing up like mushrooms.

Are you sure you are not a victim of the "Muttley syndrome"?


Muttley Syndrome: You know the "Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines" cartoon? And that dog which always asks "medal, medal"? Well, that dog is called Muttley 😉


Megas ALEKSANDR0S 1,822 jour, 02:51

first voted..

Fanaxidiel 1,822 jour, 19:20

Voted, nice job!

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