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Meh She's my Gal

1,914 jour, 03:55 Published in Canada Cuba de Rylde

Valentines day hey talk about being predictable. Yeah I guess I'm soft now still love ya mary.

Its kinda sad when the idiot of the pairing does V-Day first. Mary your the disappointment I always wanted to be but with tits.

But not just with tits. I'm talikin tits with a black bra perhaps a little anal play and then a little face slapping leading to ****%%%%% carrot %%%%%%%
You go first

I'm still eating the carrot.

Your govt is takin it easy the love battle is here



1411605 1,914 jour, 04:03

The most romantic thing I've ever read

Rylde 1,914 jour, 04:04

Well F U atleast I'm not writing govt articles drunk anymore.

Maze Putin Stalfitta
Maze Putin Stalfitta 1,914 jour, 04:29

Nice one Rylde

TheBurningMan 1,914 jour, 05:32

Chocolate and misery day

rommelTaiwan 1,914 jour, 07:57

Valentines day

just like when we go to see dead people

we always send flowers

Julio de Matos
Julio de Matos 1,914 jour, 13:09

happy ballantines day for me

Mary Chan
Mary Chan 1,914 jour, 19:03

Happy Belated Valentine's Day, Rylde. Now that Valentine's is over, let's shop for cheap chocolate and teddy bears.

Xvidian 1,914 jour, 20:13

That's uh.. sweet?

Mary Chan
Mary Chan 1,915 jour, 20:53

Meh, he's my eHubby.


Rylde 1,916 jour, 23:39

damn rights

TroyTrojansCoach 1,916 jour, 01:00

Still a better love story than Twilight

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