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1,913 jour, 19:20 Published in Malaysia Malaisie de Crow Ford
Hail eMalaysia

Today Is The Party President Election.
After have discussion With Malindo Prty President i decided to Join the candidate for Malindo Party election.

I have some Plan to do but also need All Of eMalaysia People to make this plan go as well.

1. Quiz

There are two kind of quiz. Article Quiz and IRC quiz.
The Article Quiz will i share every 4 days. I hope Many people of eMalaysia will join this quiz. The Topic of the Quiz is about eMalaysia dan eIndonesia in RL and In Game.
The IRC Quiz i have plan to throw the Quiz at IRC Once a week, the player should answer some question about all Topic in RL and in eRepublik.
I also Planned to make this quiz with the player came from Malaysia Indonesia, MKD if it's Possible i will also invite some Pakistan Player.

2. Internal Affair.

I think the internal Problem of thi party isn't much, because eMalaysia political situation is not very busy like in Indonesia, so i think not much to do with the internal, But i just want to make sure that when the Congress election i don't want any PTO and Multies Goes for the candidate.

3. External Affair.

The point of the external affair is to make coalition when the CP eletcion, its for make the Political situation more active.

That my plan if i win the election of the Party president.
Vote Me for the Malindo Party President.

Sign With Friendship.

Crow Frod


Crow Ford
Crow Ford 1,913 jour, 19:21


Nerzhu1 1,913 jour, 19:26

Vote for Crow Ford!

I n f o r m e r
I n f o r m e r 1,913 jour, 21:48


Khairunnaim Khairuddin
Khairunnaim Khairuddin 1,913 jour, 21:49

aku pikir2 dulu nak undi sapa...hehehe

Nerzhu1 1,913 jour, 21:53

undi Crow Ford 😃

Khairunnaim Khairuddin
Khairunnaim Khairuddin 1,913 jour, 21:59

undi rahsia

Hendrig 1,914 jour, 07:00

me endorse crow ford, me approve this article.

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