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Let's Gather Ideas, Shall We?

1,913 jour, 11:40 Published in Canada Canada de Shoi12

Alright, I hear lots of complaining about eRepublik often. And don't get me wrong, I see just as many problems in this game as you do. But it's kinda pointless to simply whine about it. If we wanna see change happen in this game, we have to state it clearly and concisely. We can’t make vague requests such as “Economy sux fix it”, because that’s not really helpful. EVERYONE knows the economy is messed up. But perhaps, if we make our ideas clear and simple, and of course feasible, maybe we’d have a better chance of getting what we want. I did this previously in my article, requesting that the admins fix certain things and add elements to improve eRep. Of course, perhaps I wasn’t the reason some of these were implemented, but it was nice to see some of my ideas actually make it into eRep. I like to think that I played a small part in getting things from the drawing board to the coding. 🙂

Let’s see how I did before 😛 (totally showing off)

1. Bug Fixes

Okay, it was long overdue, but to the admins’ credit, they did fix a lot of bugs that had been lying around for months. There’s still some leftover glitches on the map, and obviously there’s been troubles with elections, but the admins are at least trying. I think. Success \o/

2. Customizable UI, Headlines

Yeah yeah, hasn’t happened yet. But isn’t that what scripts are for? 🙂

3. Grand Alliances

Apparently, the admins are working on this 😃

I look forward to how you mess this up, admins ^.^

4. Official Ministries

Success \o/

Should give us a medal though XD

5. Improved Map

*points at main screen* Need I say more?

6. Resource Variety

This one (and most of the others below) was a long shot. I didn’t really expect this to happen, but I wanted to spitball some ideas 🙂

7. Terrain

Apparently, something like this happened in the past, but was phased out. Oh well. I woulda liked to see defense bonuses again...

8. Weather

See #6

9. Core System

See #8

10. Unions

Okay, this would’ve been cool, but I guess its usefulness would be limited. After all, Germark’s the only major case of this happening, huh?

11. Newspaper Series

🙁 You coulda done this, admins.


12. Customizable Congress

See #9

13. Bazooka Factories

Coming soon once Plato’s coffers run low 😉

14. Defensive Buildings, Infrastructure

See #12

15. Mercenaries

I could see this happening in the future someday 🙂 But not today...

Alright, enough self-plugging. My point is, if you ask for something, give clear logical reasoning, and remain respectful, awesome things can happen 🙂

Four things out of my wishlist (some of the reasonable ones ofc) actually came to fruition! \o/

So here’s where I need your help. Come up with some ideas on how to make eRep better, and let me know with either a comment below or by PMing me. If you give a specific way this game can be better (broad ideas are obvious and harder to pinpoint and implement), and use reasoned thought and logic, I’ll be more than happy to put it down. Most articles that have great ideas only have one, but if we give many ideas at once, it’ll be bound to get noticed! I got the last issue up to 200+, right? 🙂

Let’s get some ideas and send this to the heavens ^.^

We shouldn’t have to keep playing JUST for the community! We deserve a fun (re: tolerable) game too! 😃

Until next time, take care!

(and btw, anyone who just says LOOOL ECON SUX will get slapped 😛)

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GameChanger 1,913 jour, 11:50


But I do like these ideas. I want a medal for my services in government

Alias Vision
Alias Vision 1,913 jour, 11:54

Well an easy one would be to bring back national markets and currencies. The most obvious benefits there is that even without the economy getting fixed, it would allow smaller nations the ability to 'manage' (I use the term loosely here) their budgets.

Derphoof 1,913 jour, 12:13

I'd prefer the option for congresses to propose laws to close and open immigration.

Pants Magee
Pants Magee 1,913 jour, 12:14


Go ahead and slap me, See what trap the beard hold for you!

But seriously, it would be very hard to have a functioning economy when you can use outside resources (RL cash for gold) to circumvent the economy.

P. Magee

ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon 1,913 jour, 12:19

2x 😃
and and vision has it correct along with taking away monetary market buy limits, but that won't happen because gold would stay in republic and people wouldn't buy gold! you know whoever owns republic is just using this so they can buy another mansion i swear. no interest in the game whatsoever.
if people had the ability to buy as much gold of the market as the wished guaranteed we wouldn't have such a low gold price.

MazzyCat 1,913 jour, 13:59

Division 5 would please me greatly.

Meow! < 3

iquitbye 1,913 jour, 15:49

LOOOL ECON SUX - And now to lay back and watch the reaction 😎

Akaya754 1,913 jour, 17:01


Well first thing we need some sort of incentive to buy lower Q stuff (not just bombs, as we all know that idea sucked) so people would actually produce them without losing money. Back then people actually earned when they produce weapons, an right now they lose money unless they have something over Q5

Edmond.D 1,913 jour, 17:24

Tokerr's article brought up a pretty cool idea imo
Limiting MPPs to a much smaller number, thus theoretically creating much smaller alliances would be a nice change of pace.

MUs could use a revamp. The ability to set battle orders in foreign RWs for one, the ability to hold money, food and weapons would be great. If MUs could somehow own companies, and access to those companies could be edited by the commander, it'd go a long way in improving the system.

Always thought it'd be cool if countries could negotiate some kind of trade agreement. Like, if country x has 3 grain regions, and country y has 0, they can propose either a sum of money or another recourse they have so that country y can have grain for a month, or something along those lines.

Edmond.D 1,914 jour, 23:06

Also, mandatory article music!!

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora 1,914 jour, 23:10


Umbra Bellator
Umbra Bellator 1,914 jour, 04:44

Division 5 x2

MU 2nd commanders being able to set DO

MUs being able to set DO in foreign RW x2

Blood Hearon
Blood Hearon 1,914 jour, 08:48

also take voting for congress back to the way it was it was sooo much better

MercBaker 1,914 jour, 11:32

Commentaire supprimé

Shoi12 1,914 jour, 19:44

Oh you misunderstood. I meant the previous edition of my article with this whole 'improve eRep' idea in mind, which I linked within this article. I listed the above 15 ideas and wrote some analysis into why I thought they would be quality additions/changes, and this was merely restating the points I made and whether or not they had been addressed or not. I didn't mean the article about Emy at all >.>

MercBaker 1,914 jour, 22:11

Your completely right, my mistake.

Buck Roger
Buck Roger 1,914 jour, 16:26

LOOOL ECON SUX ...because I like it rough

Technician 1,915 jour, 05:40

My idea is as eCountries start with 10 regions and 5 resources.

To conquer the region a soldier actual needs to travel to the region or they can not fight. "They can not travel for free"

To protect a region you must be in that region and you can travel in your own country at a reduced cost.

Example a region on a border with an enemy eCountry has 100 citizens.
The enemy flies in 50 soldiers to attack..... they are out numbered and will have a hard time.

But if the enemy sent 200 soldiers then the eCountry under attack with need to a least bring in 100 citizens for the defense.

To add to the strategy you can move only once then you need to wait to transportation to redeploy.

Wait time to move.

Enemies in foreign lands 12 hours,
Citizens at home 3 hours.

Mythacat 1,918 jour, 21:19

The MUs really need a revamp,
I am currently heavily suffering as Wilhelm Gunter left the game and had many companies and such but he couldn't transfer them over to me even though I was appointed as MU commander. He contacted the admins and they said they couldn't transfer all the companies and factories from one person to another because it isn't a feature in the game. Making an MU have it's own organization that can hold companies and factories that can only be accessed by the MU commander and letting the 2nd commander access them in certain circumstances would have made this transition easier and seems like not an extremely difficult thing to implement.

Even the small things make the game that much more enjoyable.

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