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Kaad running for eBelgian CP

1,898 jour, 08:46 Published in Belgium Autriche de Kaad

Dear eBelgian citizens,

I think it's the wright time for me to run for the Country Presidency.

eBelgian since is was born (October 2012) I get lots of experience during my eLife, as I'm currently vMoFA for January, president of the Belgian Monarchist Party, ambassador in eFrance and vice-commander of the Belgian Training Army.

I'm devoted to everyone and very reachable as lots of CP or PP do not answer you at all. I'm devoted to my country and I always do the best as I can. But let me explain my view of eBelgium.

1. Diplomacy

We are in CoT alliance. My point of view is that we are in the best alliance for us as we can't be invade and EDEN seems to collapse... I want eBelgium plays an active role in CoT life and prove that the 2nd CoT influence country (starting by the bottom) is very usefull for the alliance.
Based on friendship, CoT will help our citizen to fight for good allies that will provide us supplies and prosperity.

2. Military:

Our national units are growing. We must continue to provide supplies, and change the BTA Commander as the actual one can't do his job because of it's trip to eUSA.

3. Immigration:

As my predecessors, I will fight PTOs attack that are now very frequent. They are mostly comming from EDEN country or they were already PTOs in other countries. We need to stop them. But also need to let enter citizens that could be gratefull for the country. Beaver's proposal is nice but with too much risks. I propose 3 different lvls to get the citizenship: 1. MoI and vMoI will contact the candidates. They must both be agree and report it to the CP. The CP look to MoI report and give is appreciation. Then, the eBelgian congress can vote by simple majority on the forum the acceptation or refuse the request.

4. Babyboom:

As some new players are starting the game, it is our duty to introduce them to the game and give them the wish to stay. Proving tutorials, mp help, introduce they to the national units that provide them food and weapon to evolve... Why not a minister of youth? There's a nice challenge here.

5. Medias and ministers:

I want active national medias has it is starting today to be. We are on the good way but we must do more. It is the job most of ministers.

6. BMP ambition?:

It clearely appear that monarchy is not suitable and I won't do any attempt. I'm not a candidate of the Belgian Monarchist Party, I'm the candidate for the Right and eBelgium.

Feel free to ask questions!

Your servant, Kaad.



Nova.Navid 1,898 jour, 09:05

Good Luck but viva EDEN 😃

Kaad 1,898 jour, 09:08

You are free to fight for eden. But I really want national units fighting for CoT allies.

tommot 1,898 jour, 09:40

best of luck. ; )

BrunoCND 1,898 jour, 10:31

Good luck, you'll have my vote

shadowukcs 1,898 jour, 10:51

The immigration part sucks donkey balls

the rest is good.

MaartenW 1,898 jour, 11:00

Serbia is not an EDEN but an TWO country ^^

Kaad 1,898 jour, 11:03

That is a proposal. We nned to find something obout imigration working, to accept good people that will fight for the country, and no PTO.

Jeiry 1,898 jour, 11:18

Nice overview of your thoughts.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate 1,898 jour, 11:58

good luck I guess

NicknameFromRonny 1,898 jour, 12:31

Good luck. Don't agree with everything there, but always to see someone taking up the glove.

>2nd CoT influence country (starting by the bottom)

See, I laughed there.

Kaad 1,898 jour, 12:47

Belgium is the best nation for doing compromises

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol 1,899 jour, 06:26

>2nd CoT influence country (starting by the bottom)

See, I laughed there. +1

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain 1,899 jour, 13:00

5 partijleden en nu al voor het presidentschap gaan... ik noem dat dwaas. Je zou beter werken aan het aantrekken van nieuwe leden en daarbij uw ego wat dempen. 😉

Kaad 1,899 jour, 18:38

Are you against Democracy Vincent? More candidates there are, more important is our democracy. Maybe it shows how the we are not united, but I don't think between all other candidates someone with the same experience as mine. You can do what you want with your unit, that what we call liberty.

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