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It’s My Party

1,915 jour, 01:11 Published in USA Irlande de wingfield

(... and I'll dream if I want to ...)

Long years ago, in another age of the eWorld, there were five great American parties. The greatest was the United States Workers Party, without peer anywhere in the eWorld. Its fellows were the Libertarian Party, the American Advancement Party, the United Independents Party and the Conservative Party.

Knocking on the door was the rising Federalist Party; young, vigorous and still true to itself.

In these golden days there was intense rivalry between the parties and strong competition. New players emerged regularly and took their places in Congress and government. All parties put America first, despite arguments and personalities.

Nobody can pretend that those days were perfect. However, they were light years ahead of the moribund state of affairs today. Back then, no one dared tell a party how to act. No shadowy figures decided who could run for Country President. No one enforced government ideology by sending people into other parties to manipulate their elections.

A dark shadow has fallen upon us all. One party with narrow interests and a highly individualist leader seeks to assume sole power in the country. The other large parties (and smaller ones too) are considered branches of one all-encompassing bloc known as Unity. The faceless leaders of this bloc seek to deny power to anyone else, whether they be the hostile large party or any independent thinkers.

Congress members are handpicked veterans and loyalists with an ever-increasing average age. Approved candidates for party presidents are picked by a miniscule minority in unrepresentative forums controlled by trolls called forum admins.

So, what would my ideal party be like?

My party would give all members a say in electing the party president by the simple expedient of in-game voting.

My party would be competitive in seeking power, for the good of the country and the good of the party members.

My party would not take orders from government.

My party members would have leaders who promoted new players and spread opportunity around, rather than endorsing the same old candidates every election.

My party would oppose government and external interference and takeover. If the members have their party stolen, we would simply wait and work to get it back. The party would remain alive in its loyal members.

My party would be true to its beliefs and principles. It would never sell its soul in the pursuit of power.

My party would give unconditional support to nobody. Political support does not come for free. It has to be earned and negotiated.

My party would have freedom of speech in its internal workings.

In my party, old players like me would work to develop others and help them toward positions of leadership, both in the party and in the country.

My party would encourage active participation in independent military units, positive use of the media and, most of all, to have fun in the game.

To those who say that I am only dreaming, I answer that it sure beats the current nightmare from which we just cannot seem to wake.



wingfield 1,915 jour, 01:12

Democracy first!

Luc Praetor
Luc Praetor 1,915 jour, 01:29

I'll cry if I want to.

wingfield 1,915 jour, 02:25

No, not Lesley Gore! 🙂

Mr. A. Smith
Mr. A. Smith 1,916 jour, 09:28

Nobody expects Lesley Gore!

Drew Blood
Drew Blood 1,915 jour, 02:46

America is under the rule of foreign dictators...if you stand against 'Pfeiffer Loyalist' there is no room for you in their alliance...not even an AF job....

Silas Soule
Silas Soule 1,915 jour, 03:46

I think your party must be... the Socialist Freedom Party! :-] (Alas, also far from perfect...)

Clarissa Olson Bear
Clarissa Olson Bear 1,917 jour, 00:06

I would say the SFP, the month before last under Lysander Spooner II, where we actually had the opportunity to vote to endorse a Country President, unlike this last month where a Country President endorsement poll was never held.

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati 1,981 jour, 20:41

I started those polls. I was fighting for a democratic process. No one wanted to anger the established members. I got a little burned out, on it. It made me give up politics.

Clarissa Olson Bear
Clarissa Olson Bear 1,981 jour, 20:55

I was referring to the ones held in the forum under secret ballot, not the ones in the shout feed, where members could hold how you voted against you in perpetuity.

Mister Y
Mister Y 1,915 jour, 04:19

Bia Pandora loves you however.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora 1,915 jour, 15:48

Yes I do : )

wingfield 1,915 jour, 16:48

Love you too, Bia! 🙂

Tiamati 1,915 jour, 06:04

Excellent article as always; the political module has taken a turn for the worse with the replacement of eCongress with eParliament... Hopefully it is not headed down the same dead end the economics module.

Regarding current "unity" and the darkness covering our political landscape I've only one comment...

The "Party" is just getting started.

ligtreb 1,915 jour, 10:55

I like your party ideals and wish they could happen.

av khan
av khan 1,915 jour, 15:45


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora 1,915 jour, 15:48

Great article, great ideals.

SColbert 1,915 jour, 16:52

Great read.

PeVall 1,916 jour, 09:29

Great article man, Unfortunately I have never got the chance to experience a time like that,I guess we will have to dream until another time arrives.

Marcus Corwin
Marcus Corwin 1,916 jour, 09:59

10/10; would vote again

Talio Extremist
Talio Extremist 1,916 jour, 11:32

I wish for a day when articles did not need to buy votes to obtain the top 5 spot

SinaAria 1,916 jour, 12:02

no other way. 🙂

wingfield 1,916 jour, 14:07

I don't buy votes. If someone likes my article and wants to promote it, why should I object?

SinaAria 1,916 jour, 11:58

Hm. I support this. The Unity and the AFA simply need to disappear. But not the, "hey let`s settle our differences way".
AFA must either change or be destroyed. Then Unity can break off.

Marxus 1,916 jour, 12:20

Very much the ideals of the Old Libertarian party. But anyway.

Kishvier 1,916 jour, 13:18

I miss those days greatly, I had fun playing back then and learning the ropes. Now it's a bit boring and I can't do anything of real value, because I am an older player I can't get anywhere due to the anti-older player mentality by many and the fact that I don't have much of a place with the other older players. I'm no Max or Romper, very few listen and a handful will take my opinions into consideration, for the rest I'm just another guy putting damage on the battlefield. It's unfortunate, really.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora 1,916 jour, 13:22

You are not alone, friend.

Candor 1,916 jour, 15:12

Of course you're correct. An imbalance of power in the force, and the Republic quickly applauds the loss of democracy for martial law.

Best line ever, "...and this is how democracy ends, with thunderous applause."

I jest mostly. But I also know that in most every joke is a kernel of truth. That all said, nothing remains the same long in this GAME. Things are always in flux, things are always changing. Hey even the rules change in this pretend world.

fingerguns 1,916 jour, 15:41

"All parties put America first, despite arguments and personalities."

I know you weren't in the eUS for very long, but I'm not sure what time you're remembering here.

That said, welcome back to the eUS. Build your dream party.

Tanishq 1,916 jour, 17:31

May I join your ideal party? XD Great article.

wingfield 1,916 jour, 19:48

Turning a dream into reality - that is a challenge worth accepting!

Waruda 1,916 jour, 19:19

Anarchy first

Cubby 1,956 jour, 06:35

Welcome to The Seed. I think that you will find your home.
Please join us.

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