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Interview: CP of Colombia

1,829 jour, 03:17 Published in Ireland Australie de Elite C

Jamie Cuervo Ariza: Interview as CP of Colombia

1. What do you love about your job?
1. I am a person who believes that the state is as strong as its institutions can be. I see in the Presidency, the possibility of strengthening the country's institutions, and that to me is the part I love about this job as President.

2. What are the strengths you bring to the job?
2. It is improper for me to wear to speak of their personal strengths. However many people have trusted me, because in my first term, I had a very direct communication, through communications, and personal messages, many saw further transparency with which it handled the state money.

3. If you were to describe your country in three words, what would they be?
3. beautiful, hardworking, multicultural

4. Why were you elected?
4. That's a question you have to make to voters. However, I think they accepted my application, based on his experience at my first presidency, as were also difficult times and achieved objectives.

5. What difficulties does your country face?
5. Our country faces several problems. Not only the state of military confrontation with other nations, but widespread economic problems in eRepublik, and as is common in many other countries, there are internal divisions where they disagree with some decisions, often use unhealthy methods for the life of the country, especially because these attitudes, they take away the fun of the game and the rookies bored.

6. Why should citizens immigrate to your country? What have you to offer?
6. Our country like any other country what it offers is a different environment, in our case to some other places, it may be a new experience interacting with people of our idiosyncrasies. For those who want to fight and be in constant struggle and advance militarily, Colombia is a good destination. Many foreigners come and stay in our country, now our Foreign Minister, Ms Clorofila is from Argentina.

Thanks to Jamie Cuervo Ariza for answering

All the Best
ELite C



SilverF0X 1,829 jour, 03:29


Starkad Rorlikson
Starkad Rorlikson 1,829 jour, 03:47

The country is called Colombia, not Columbia.

MMkay, eIsland?

moomoohead 1,829 jour, 10:28

good one again.

Starkad Rorlikson
Starkad Rorlikson 1,830 jour, 06:37


Btw there was supposed to be a smiley in my last comment....this way it looked kinda mean 😕

Death Awaits
Death Awaits 1,831 jour, 02:50

You should mix up the questions, just some advice.

Most of the questions you ask aren't relevant in my opinion. Should focus more on relationships between our two eCountries.

Elite C
Elite C 1,831 jour, 09:29

Politics and relations are all that are ever asked in interviews, its nice to mix it up.

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