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1,921 jour, 20:01 Published in New Zealand Nouvelle-Zélande de Enoughmercy

I apologize guys, I have taken AGES. I hope you guys forgive me, for if not I will come with my Russian buddies to your door. Yes, we will all have Kar 98's.

Okay, now I NEED to raise an issue here, what's up with the job list? There are only THREE jobs I can take, which give 8 dollars. I don't even know what to do anymore. I'm poor and you guys aren't helping.

Well, despite the fact that I'm dying of hunger here, time to move to something different. Something that is forbidden and has never been talked about before, POLITICS.

Apparently, a group named "Love and Peace" is going to be in charge of New Zealand. Looks like we're all hippies now. Come on Peace N' Prosperity! But seriously.

Well, looks like another game section here.
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Crusadercarl 1,922 jour, 20:30

Haha, excellent! You are right, politics aren't talked about publicly here:) I've always thought that because eNZ is heavily populated by MUs everyone just follows orders & goes with the flow. I like it. No arguing, no complaining, no drama. But then I'm an old, tired, hasbeen and have had enough stress in my elife already.

Crusadercarl 1,922 jour, 20:32

And Love & peace was named by Helen Moon I believe. She's just too sweet & lovely for anyone to change the name now:)

Enoughmercy 1,933 jour, 00:43

Haha, well, time to move.

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