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I'm back!

1,826 jour, 19:39 Published in Australia Australie de andrew marzoni

Hey eAussies,

I'm back after a long hiatus from this game. I look forward to getting involved heavily once again in the community. I'm keen to chat along with some old friends and also meet with some new people. I look forward to being on the battle lines with the ADF and other eAus militants.

Whilst yes when I look at the comments for my last article, two clicking would have been a good idea (past me is stupid, also his spelling). But because I didn't, I understand how weak I am and will be in need of a new avatar, without the ACUK emblem.

Look forward to catching up again,
Mr Marzoni

Ps: If I gave you stuff, would it be ok to send it back? Sorry if it's long gone.



infin 1,826 jour, 21:06

Welcoem back! Join the ADF!

Sir_c0nstant 1,826 jour, 21:29

hey AM, I got your three companys, will talk tonight and get them back to you.

Sir_c0nstant 1,826 jour, 22:30

ok looks like raw material companies cant be sold? any ideas how to return a company to original owner guys?

Sir_c0nstant 1,826 jour, 22:35

Sell company
This building cannot be sold nor dissolved.

Even more worrying cant even sell/dissolve a q1 food company.

Morphine 1,827 jour, 23:25

🙂 send him the money to build the companies.

Miss Wolf
Miss Wolf 1,827 jour, 23:48

Welcome back!

andrew marzoni
andrew marzoni 1,827 jour, 17:49

Thank you!

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