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global warming

1,904 jour, 09:22 Published in India Inde de Nagaraj Suraj

hello mighty eindians , the reason behind writting this article is to create an awareness among people about global warming and and its effects

Global warming is a phenomenon that occurs when the earth is heated up. As a result, this leads to heat and light from the sun being trapped, at the atmosphere by the gaseous substances such as nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and methane . This causes retention in temperature that, leads to a drastic increase in the earth's temperature. Global warming has been a contentious issue in the current global world.

It is believed to arise due to the pollution that is exhibited in industries. The burnt fossils in form of petroleum, emitted to the atmosphere, methane that emanates from animal waste and the carbon dioxide from the exhaust of cars greatly contribute to the global warming . These gases trap a lot of heat which, leads to higher temperatures. The effects of global warming are dire both to human and the ecosystem.

Firstly, the world temperature is greatly affected by the high rate of global warming. This can be seen in variation different climatic conditions at different regions of the world. Cool areas such as, the Antarctic and arctic regions, would face a climatic change that would have severe impact to their environment . Due to the raise in temperature as a result of global warming, the ice would melt causing an increase in the sea levels. Indeed this would be dangerous as, the coastal borders would be cumbersome to maintain more so, in matters pertaining its security.

The floods may sweep away human belongings causing severe damage. The ecosystem would be thrown away from the balance of nature. This manifests the irregular weather patterns that may be unfavourable for human activity. As perceived, global warming increases occurrence of hurricanes and storm which acts as a natural calamity to the environment .

In addition, the snow regions are covered with ice which is white in colour. The ice reflects the light back to the atmosphere, hence providing a cooling effect to the environment. Melting of ice as a result of global warming, would lead to higher environment temperatures as; there would be no reflection of light to the atmosphere. White colour is known to be a good reflector of light as compared to dull colours. Moreover, when ice melts, it changes its status to liquid form . .

Consequently, the global warming also affects the ecological systems of the environment. Due to high temperatures, some birds would be forced to migrate away from their home land and find some another place. This may be a big blow especially when the region acts as a tourist attraction. Cool regions such as, the Antarctic and the arctic, the various species of organisms would be endangered. Organism such as the penguins which are known to adapt in such environment, may find their existence coming to an extinct. The living vegetation may also be affected by the rise in temperatures. High temperatures might cause fire that can destroy given vegetation leading to desertification.

consequently increase in global warming may lead to ozone layer depletion.

if the rate of earths heating continues then it may lead to some major disaster .the effects of global warming or discussed below


1. Increase in air temperatures

2. Increases in sea surface temperatures

3. Increases in hurricane strengths and decreases in hurricane frequency

4. Widening of the tropical belt

5. Melting glaciers and ice caps

6. Rising sea levels due to meltwater and thermal expansion

7. Changes in species distributions

8. Alterations in seasonal cycles

10. Decrease in ocean salinity near the poles


1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

2. Use Less Heat and Air Conditioning

3. Change a Light Bulb

Wherever practical, replace regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs.

4. Drive Less and Drive Smart

5. Buy Energy-Efficient Products

6. Use Less Hot Water
7. Use the "Off" Switch
Save electricity and reduce global warming by turning off lights when you leave a room, and using only as much light as you need. And remember to turn off your television, video player, stereo and computer when you're not using them.

8. Plant a Tree
If you have the means to plant a tree, start digging. During photosynthesis, trees and other plants absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. They are an integral part of the natural atmospheric exchange cycle here on Earth, .

9. Encourage Others to Conserve

so act smart and safe our mother planet





Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma 1,904 jour, 10:01


Ind1anMartyr 1,905 jour, 23:27

good stuff!!! o/

i wish people would try whatever they could to help maintain environmental status quo

Wildy Quark
Wildy Quark 1,910 jour, 07:19

Nice informative. Good job spreading the word among gamers lol

Wildy Quark
Wildy Quark 1,910 jour, 07:20

btw subbed

greg L
greg L 1,984 jour, 12:47

All well and good but what has this to do with the global warming alert in this game, what is that all about ?

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