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Fed Recruitment Tutorial

1,840 jour, 09:56 Published in USA États-Unis de logamac
Number 1 Setting up your profile:

First you need to give yourself an amazing avatar. So how do you do that? well here is my step to step guide.

1) make sure you're on your profile. You can get to it by clicking your picture at the side of the webpage.

2) Click edit profile at the corner of the profile screen.

3) Pick a photo from your files by clicking browse.

Get a Job.

1) Go to the home screen and go in the market tab. When you've done that go to Job market

2) Click apply To get a job. Pick any job.

3) Go to your places and click work.

4) You have money and you can spend it.


1) Go to my places

2) Click on the training building tab.

3) Click train

Buying food

1) Go to the market place.

2) Go to Food

3) Enter the amount you want and then buy.

From the official fed Recruitment & Retention.

If you want to be on the recruitment team of the greatest party in this game contact me and join the party.

My Profle:
Federalist Party:


fingerguns 1,840 jour, 09:58


Great tutorial!

bigcdizzle 1,840 jour, 11:02


Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe 1,840 jour, 12:33


LongLiveTheElitists 1,840 jour, 13:53


capitacommunist101 1,840 jour, 14:58

Very clear

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke 1,840 jour, 18:23

P/H Logamac is the man

bdlueck 1,840 jour, 18:58

I like the tutorial and if you need help with the recruitment team i can do it. I'm looking for a job to do in the party so if anyone needs help i might be able to do it

Zxdek 1,840 jour, 19:16

24ZxdekDay 1,840, 19:01

please read this Q&A with Inwegen and Hanibal LA.

also i wish i could get 277 USD

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket 1,840 jour, 22:26

Great tutorial, very helpful.

But I do agree, in today's labor market, 277USD would be an outrageous salary.

prasi 1,841 jour, 23:49


Sozo 1,841 jour, 05:57

Recruitment* 😉

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie 1,841 jour, 07:08


janvaljantr 1,841 jour, 12:11


Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack 1,841 jour, 16:58

Very nice! Keep up the good work (and finish your missions).

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati 1,842 jour, 06:28

How old is that? 277 dollar a day jobs.

logamac 1,842 jour, 09:14

Very old I'm just republishing it.

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