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eNPR supplemental [11-9]

1,817 jour, 09:33 Published in USA États-Unis de fingerguns

All the links n' junk you may have missed!

Listen to last night's episode here:

I think if President Cerb wanted more of his Cabinet to appear on eNPR, he shouldn't have picked such cool guys who like have stuff to do and stuff on Fridays.

I suppose this means that Tuesdays are going to be jammed packed with Cabinet members and srs bsns and Fridays will be fundays. I am okay with this!

Speaking of fundays, last night was pretty fun!! If you were listening live, thanks for tuning in. If you missed it, you can still share in our good times. That's what this supplemental is all about.

We decided to spend the show talking about noobs and giving advice for newer players.

You may say to yourself, 'Oh, fingerguns. Don't you know noobs don't listen to eNPR?'

Good thing you said it to yourself and not to me because we actually scored a new eRep player last night who stumbled across the show.

Oh yes. This really happened.

41 Days until the end of the world.

Actually, I guess that's 40 now. Tick tock, people.

What do YOU think is going to happen on December 21, 2012??? Leave your predictions in the comments (nothing boring, please). Or start this conversation on your party's forum!! See what your fellow party members have to say.

Dr 'Sexy Times' Luis had a fair performance in his second audition to be my co-host. He took a stab at his own segment about the military, roughly based on this article he wrote recently about the Air Force (ignore all the stuff about AMP lol).

His accent automatically triggers Spanish guitar music, which is weird because he is Portuguese. All of us ladies were giggling our heads off.

But just in case the point was lost somehow in all of that giggling and sexy times, getting plugged into an Military Unit is a damn good idea. It's an even better idea if the MU is well organized and active.

Check out these cool guys MUs:

eUnited States Armed Forces
| Flight Training | Air Force | Rogue Squadron | Ultramarines | Seal Team 6 | Special Forces |

eUnited States Military
| Training Corps | National Guard | Mobile Infantry | US Army | Airborne | Marine Corps |

American Militias
| EZ Company | Bear Cavalry | Cannon Cockers (C4) | Sons of Liberty |

Apparently an eNPR drinking game is developing.

I found out about it and tried to kill all of our listeners with alcohol poisoning.



Nominations are starting to wrap up in all of the parties.

Parties are another great way to get plugged into this game and find a good community that can help you succeed. Just like with MUs, it's a good idea to get involved with groups that are well organized and active.

Party Presidents essentially hand pick who will be in Congress, in addition to being the force behind party progress. Don't take these choices lightly. If anything, really make them EARN your vote.

AMP | website
USWP | website
Feds | website
WTP | website

Don't forget to hold your vote on the 15th!!

The AFA (a terrorist organization) attempts a political takeover of at least one of the American parties every month. You can help defeat them in their efforts by holding your vote until as late as possible.

If your party's election is secure, you can help vote against the baddies in another party's election. Make sure you're in IRC on the 15th to get updates on how you can help, or organize with one of your party leaders to let you know where you are most needed.

Remember earlier how I said someone stumbled across eNPR and decided to sign up for eRep?

Mr Jeeves

Make a new friend!

Another pretty good show, I'd say, considering.

I know Cerb is very serious about having his Cabinet appear on the program to keep the public informed, so I have no doubt we will have plenty of guests lined up for Tuesday's show with lots of interesting stuff to talk about.

Also next week, there are rumblings that someone would like to challenge Dr Luis for his position as co-host?!?!?!?! More information as this possible throw down develops.

Don't forget to leave your 2012 predictions in the comments (or on your party's forums). The best/funniest ones may make it on the air. 40 days people!!!

Tune in on Tuesday for the next edition of eNPR at 18:00erep time (9pm Eastern)!
Listen live and chat with us #eNPR

It's not too late to hear Fridays's episode! Stream or download here

Got any feedback or suggestions for us? Leave a comment or send me a pm!



EnterAwesome 1,817 jour, 09:42


EnterAwesome 1,817 jour, 09:43

EnterAwesome's Approval of Awesome.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian 1,817 jour, 12:06

The end of the world is on Friday, and so is the end of the working week for most people. Coincidence? I think not ; )

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian 1,817 jour, 12:15

Oh, yes, also my e-birthday is on Dec 21st.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan 1,817 jour, 19:39

I like the different accents, keeps things fresh. (;

& congrats on the recruitment!

Wooo~ Official eRepublik mentor power! xP

needs more kittens: (;

Mary Chan
Mary Chan 1,817 jour, 20:06

zomg. Pfeiffer. O Canada. I love you.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan 1,817 jour, 20:13

WA => Canadian, btw. (;

Kaptain Kidd
Kaptain Kidd 1,818 jour, 14:44

You really need to update the Fluffer plan failed, you have nothing and NPR now has as many accents as the AFA that nobody understands?

fingerguns 1,818 jour, 19:42

Aeriala is jealous. lol

jmurrib21 1,819 jour, 09:00

Keep up with the good job. Show is a good example of how to make a difference.

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati 1,820 jour, 19:45

It's the end of the world again? Sell your home and give you money to the church, before it's too late.
The earth is about to be recycled. This is your last chance to evecuate. Oh, you won't need those testes.

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