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eNorway; National Referandum concerning our EDEN-membership

1,903 jour, 15:53 Published in Norway Finlande de Kristoph Woldskji
National Referandum concerning our EDEN-membership

The matter at hand

This is a matter which have been discussed back and forth for some months, actually even before the creation of Asgard, and namely- creating or joining a northern brotherhood.
And time have passed, EDEN have been in turmoil with serious trouble keeping up against the CoTWO-cooperation and internal disturbances.
Amongst other stuff, then the remaining/acting parts of EDEN HQ, have put some pressure on me to find out what our official stance in regards the these matters will be.

Here you have the public forum-files of our newest discussion regarding EDEN vs Asgard (please read here if you are not familiar with our current situation);
Tinyurl or full link

So to officially mark the end of my term as your president, I am putting up this national referandum to see what the people of eNorway want us to do next...
And with history being like it is and time pressing us hardly, I am only giving two options in this referandum, “STAY” or “LEAVE” EDEN, with “LEAVE” also imply us applying for membership to Asgard.

TWO (aka PEACE, PHOENIX, ONE...) have been left out here because of our generally hostile relations with them through the years.

CoT could be an interesting option, but as I can’t say anyone have championed their cause, then I will let them slide for now...

As this is is a rather serious matter, but with a somewhat short deadline, this referandum will run open till the 8th of February

This might seem as an act of cowardness from my behalf, leaving the next CP and his/her administration of eNorway to make the call.
But then they would have the referandum to rely on, telling them at least what the people want...

EDEN vs Asgard; my view of them

- We are founding members, but still- the smallest current member.
- Still way superior to Asgard in terms of damage output.
- Experienced personel from the alliance’s beginning
- “Eternal” Balkan-wars...
- Can most likely keep the current relations with Asgard as a member

- Would have to apply for trial and start from scratch.
- Real-life neighbours and most likely; in-game brotherhood.
- More localized fighting and probably in wars that appeal to us more than the Balkan-wars, though still it is absolutely possible to still fight for others in MPP battles of our other friendly nations.
- Can most likely keep the current relations with EDEN as a member.
- They are having a good relation with our leasing-partner Russia.

Additional comments;
I might seem to be a bit too pessimistic regarding Asgard here, I don’t want us to be too optimistic on how things will continue if we are to join them. At the end of the day - they are offering us nothing certain, but they offer friendship - which they have proved during our UK war. However though, this will be a new direction for our eNation, no matter what!

EDEN on the other hand has become, according to my personal observations- a hornets nest, as no one fights for EDEN anymore and the brotherhood-part seems to have gone missing.

The options and who’s eligible to vote

So then I again present you with the options of this referandum;

Stay in EDEN; work for and with HQ to try rebuilding the ancient alliance into it’s former glory.

Leave EDEN and apply for membership in Asgard, seeking new adventures, friends and perhaps brotherhood?

All eNorwegians players are considered eligible to vote in this open referandum, but I will also accept the votes of RL norwegians living abroad. If you are a RL norwegian voting, please state your home town with the vote.

This referendum ends on the 8th of February, 12o’Clock eRep-time (9PM CET+1).

Last words

Remember to use your right to vote here, this might affect eNorway future greatly!

I would also like to wish the best of luck to our CP-candidates; Akashaton, Ledy Nena and Vileskont, in tomorrows election!

Kristoph Woldskji
CP of eNorway

Proof-read and corrected by Vileskont and Ursidae Polar


Ursidae Polar
Ursidae Polar 1,903 jour, 15:56

Leave to Asgard. Scandinavian power!

Kristoph Woldskji
Kristoph Woldskji 1,903 jour, 15:57

Leave, a change to forever alter our future! (Obama-rama-drama, hehe)

Vileskont 1,903 jour, 16:01

😎 Leave- better to go alone than to stay in bad company. I place my trust in our Scandinavian friends!

Mr. Jester
Mr. Jester 1,903 jour, 16:03

As an honorary Norwegian (by decree of Ursidae Polar) xD, I vote to leave EDEN and join Asgard. 'Cause Asgard rocks, EDEN - not so much!

Viarizi 1,903 jour, 16:04


Cmurgh 1,903 jour, 16:12

Hail Norway!

Roman Legionnaire
Roman Legionnaire 1,903 jour, 16:13


Johnnie Rebel
Johnnie Rebel 1,903 jour, 16:19

If I voted would it count? I was previously eNorwegian, and my application to come back was accepted... as soon as a region is regained...

Roman Legionnaire
Roman Legionnaire 1,903 jour, 16:21

Johnnie Rebel yes you can vote : )

Johnnie Rebel
Johnnie Rebel 1,903 jour, 16:24

Thank You, I vote leave

Superferro 1,903 jour, 16:30

I chose once, allies are forever.
I speak as Edenist, proCroat but Pole in RL.
Some of You made me always proNorwegian.
No matter what will future bring - I'm always for allies who never fear in weakness time.

Per Jostein
Per Jostein 1,903 jour, 16:57

It is interesting to see now the others suggest leaving EDEN and move to Asgard. I said it many, many months ago...

Jochen Lutz
Jochen Lutz 1,903 jour, 19:40


Gondul 1,903 jour, 22:42

Leave to Asgard

Nills Holgerson
Nills Holgerson 1,904 jour, 23:04

😎 Leave...and join Asgard

Dave Trenga
Dave Trenga 1,904 jour, 23:07

Leave and join Asgard

T Cherub
T Cherub 1,904 jour, 00:07

It is with a heavy heart I admit that whatever we seek with EDEN is now fading away. We stuck with EDEN through thick and thin for years now. We've seen her on her highs and lows several times over. There is no shame in seeking a new ground for fun and brotherhood. We have all shared these feelings towards our Scandinavian brothers for months now (maybe even years). The only reason we have stuck with EDEN so long is our allegiance and loyalty to EDEN and her allies. Norway have never provided massive military power, but I suspect we have provided spirit and endurance. Nobody can say EDEN did not stick up for us - they did several times. Yet, EDEN has over time lost it's strong relation to many of our closest allies (nations). These are allies who I hope we can work even closer together with from Asgard.

In the end, this is a game, and we tend to play it with the ones who provides the most fun and spirit. It just doesn't boil down to damage power, but also friendship and "brotherhood".

I will say Hail EDEN because this is the alliance that prevailed the longest.
Hail Asgard for growing in our backyard and showing us her beauty.
Hail Norway for being the awesome eNation it is.

Good job, Kristoph Woldskji - I say it again; you did an awesome job as CP!

WujekKaczor 1,904 jour, 02:25


JornStian 1,904 jour, 02:37


Vileskont 1,904 jour, 04:03

Very well said Tommy!

Yanisin 1,904 jour, 04:45

Leave EDEN to join Asgard seems to be the best choice.

(I'm RL Norwegian living in Oslo)

Akashaton 1,904 jour, 05:21

Leave, and hope more of our good allies will follow us to Asgard!

Kilorien 1,904 jour, 05:30

Looks like it may be time for a change.
Leave EDEN for Asgard, lets fight with our viking brothers!

Steina 1,904 jour, 05:45

Leave EDEN for Asgard!
Hail Scandinavia!

West Bergen
West Bergen 1,904 jour, 05:54

I say leave, as I have no faith in EDEN returning to its former strenght. I like Asgard and a northern brotherhood will be good for us I think. And they can help us throw out the Brits!

katze3 1,904 jour, 06:30


John Sebastian Wang
John Sebastian Wang 1,904 jour, 06:54

I say leave and join Asgard 😃 our brothers 😃:heart:

Chepe Nolon
Chepe Nolon 1,904 jour, 07:10


fredrikz 1,904 jour, 07:20

Why does RL Norwegians with not Norwegian cs get to vote ? This is a matter of eNorway, not RL Norway. This is a game, you don't have to be RL Norwegian to play as an eNorwegian. I would say its kinda rude to vote if you are living the good life in another country, fighting for another country and so on....

Voting blank.

Glost 1,904 jour, 07:28


Che Kukaken
Che Kukaken 1,904 jour, 07:28

Wrong timing to leave EDEN. We should stay and help as good as we can trough the hard times ahead. We
Complain about lack of brotherhood in EDEN. If we leave now the lack of brotherhood showed by us is worse.

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka 1,904 jour, 09:27

Leave (Fredrikstad er byn vettu)

Marco Van Tassen
Marco Van Tassen 1,904 jour, 09:58

Leave (Molde/Surnadal. Hvorfor RL norske får stemme, ønsker jeg ikke ta stilling til)

Indigodavo95 1,904 jour, 10:45

I can not quite decide what to vote for "to remain in EDEN" or "leave EDEN and join Asgard" so I have now decided that the best and safest maybe for eNorway is to stay in EDEN.
but I want some change so I will vote to leave EDEN and join Asgard

fredrikz 1,904 jour, 13:21

"I have now decided that the best and safest maybe for eNorway is to stay in EDEN.
but I want some change so I will vote to leave EDEN and join Asgard"

So you are not voting for what you think i best for Norway:P Love your logic, heeh.

StrikeEagle 1,904 jour, 14:25

I vote option B.; Leaving EDEN and joining Asgard

DrJens 1,904 jour, 15:28


Gameiro101 1,904 jour, 15:45

I don't vote, but wish the best for Norway no meter the decision 🙂

grabarzstg 1,904 jour, 16:02


Morten Asphaug
Morten Asphaug 1,904 jour, 21:27

Join Asgard
Bur no i Eidsvåg i Åsane.

Født og oppvokst I Asphaug, Sund kommune på Sotra
Vest for Bergen

Mr Chaiim
Mr Chaiim 1,904 jour, 22:48

I vote leave Eden and join Asgard

the finest
the finest 1,905 jour, 03:55


Oldenstein 1,905 jour, 04:13


Blixat 1,905 jour, 05:46


Realz 1,905 jour, 06:45

Leave EDEN for Asgard

Cpt Barney
Cpt Barney 1,905 jour, 08:03

Leave EDEN i guess..

Kaname Darkwind
Kaname Darkwind 1,905 jour, 12:48

Join Asgard.

Norway, Sweden, and Finland have all wanted to recreate the Kalmar Union of old for as long as this game has been going on.

This may be the best chance we've had to recreate such a thing.

EDEN is the oldest alliance on record though, I remember being in EDEN years ago on my lost account, back when PHOENIX was still around.

Plingtingtong 1,905 jour, 13:45

Join Asgard

Stakerauo 1,905 jour, 14:35

I thought Ásgárd wasn't accepting any new members, though?

deadfen 1,905 jour, 15:38

leave Eden and join Asgard

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