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eFrance report: Treaty with ePoland and eSerbia!

1,881 jour, 05:56 Published in Belgium Autriche de Kaad

Hello everyone!

Fresh news from eFrance!

Presidents of eFrance, ePoland and eSerbia agreed on a peace treaty! But this will be very hard for eFrance that accept to keep one region and RENT it. eFrance is going through a very hard period.

Read the official article (in FR/EN) to know more about! ->

Kaad, president of the BMP, vice-commander of BTA, ambassador in eFrance, vMoFA for January.



Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford 1,881 jour, 06:07

This treaty is humiliating

Raskol the Malicious
Raskol the Malicious 1,881 jour, 06:10

This pact is a shame for eFrance.

tommot 1,881 jour, 06:10

I shared this article in the forum and facebook

Jofroi 1,881 jour, 07:09

Epic fail ^^

Rican 1,881 jour, 08:47

out of the ashes the phoenix will rise

RooieLente 1,881 jour, 08:48

Painful...and naive to say the least. It will be broken, and rather soon too I expect.
The only good that could come from it is they indeed plan a full-sized resistance and use this to buy themselves time, to both gather more resources and allies and wait for a good time to strike.

Jeiry 1,881 jour, 14:52

Well... Oo

Ely.nea 1,882 jour, 02:26

it's sad but they have no choice.

BelgiumGeneral 1,882 jour, 07:49

France brought it on themself.. don't wake the Polish dog : P

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