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eFance Report: Time to choose an alliance!

1,876 jour, 15:42 Published in Belgium Autriche de Kaad

French are introducing a citizen debate on the best choice of alliance. They will soon choose a side.

Here are their possibilities:

- EDEN : Most of their countries are allied at the moment with France. But EDEN seems to collapse a little bit (see India case).

- Asgard : Composed of Finland and Sweeden, this alliance is more an agreement. But France have good relationship with those countries.

- Brothers of Steel : South-American alliance composed of allies of France. They are new and quite strong.

- TWO : TWO invaded France. Joining TWO could help them to recover their territory but will create a hard separation with their past allies. Important to notice that if France recover its territory, they will be circled by TWO/CoT countries

- COT : Our alliance and the most growing one. Mostly TWO countries, CoT is becoming stronger through the time.

- Create an alliance : Hard, but they can try creating an alliance to stay with their past allies

This choice wil be very important to observ. Let see! Wish the best decision for eFrance!

Kaad, president of the BMP, vice-commander of BTA, ambassador in eFrance, vMoFA for January.



Jeiry 1,877 jour, 07:45

Yes, very important to observe, and strategic for eBelgium, as we have natural borders in common.

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol 1,877 jour, 11:39

Thank y for this analysis

Ely.nea 1,877 jour, 14:35

efrance had no chance in the past with their ally, i hope they will find finally nice friends.

Kaad 1,878 jour, 13:43

Some eFrench are still very attached to their allies... eFrench are mostly divided between entering CoT or entering EDEN.

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