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Day 4: Burn them Monday blues like old fat!

1,917 jour, 13:18 Published in Ireland Irlande de Warrior without a Name

Lets get this straight!
I hate Mondays.
It was invented by Satan himself to annoy me, I know it!
Even Kurgan agrees, Mondays suck.
I'm not even entirely sure that Mondays even exist!!!
lets just get started...

House of the Rising Sun - The Animals
(yes because posting a sad song to make people happy is brilliant logic, good work me...)

Now don't ask me about this one, I literally just asked my friend on Facebook ''Hey! Send me a song, any song!'' so he sent me this.
I think he is broken in the noggin...

AKB48 - Sugar Rush

Yeah...let's never talk about that one again...

This one was sent in by the Beautiful, All-knowning and being of absolute perfection Kurgan.

Haustor - Moja prva ljubav

Mr. James Keiller sent this in.
I was a bit unsure about posting this, I'm expecting mobs at my front door now, demanding I take it down.
Ah screw it, here you go.

Rory Gallagher - Tattoo'd Lady
(Ok, so maybe I enjoyed this...I always enjoy the sound of a Guitar)

These were sent in by Ian E CoIeman.
This one make me want to go get stoned behind the shed 😃

Wild Beasts - Deeper

This song however makes me think of the sample music you get along with a PC.
So Ian, you're so cheap you like that type of music, huh?
Cheap Bastard!
I kid, love ya Ian

Wintersleep - Home

That's enough, I've gotta think of new jokes now.
I think I'll re listen to to Sugar Rush one and try figure it out



Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan 1,917 jour, 13:39

Monday is a spawn of SATAN!

first suggestion is for Nameless Warrior who complained for not understanding a song on croatian.
Same band, Haustor, different song but with most lyrics on english:

As for me i suggest this love song...its a little mushy, soft but when i met my woman for the first time this song was playing so its kind of our song.....bring loving memories:

Warrior without a Name
Warrior without a Name 1,917 jour, 13:42

Nameless Warrior! Why didn't I think of that?
Thanks Kurgan 😃

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan 1,917 jour, 13:59

As a true Inquisitor i am good at pointing fingers toward infidels, accusing people for heresy and name calling so......

James Keiller
James Keiller 1,917 jour, 15:18

Warrior without a Name now known as DJ.

Warrior without a Name
Warrior without a Name 1,917 jour, 16:11

That's DJ Nameless to you sir!

Ian E CoIeman 1,917 jour, 21:10

Commentaire supprimé

Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman 1,917 jour, 21:10

Nice Article 🙂

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