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Daily orders, days 1914-1917

1,914 jour, 09:58 Published in Malaysia Pologne de jakubekz1994

Ministry of Education prepared special guide about getting supplies. Check it in this article!

Today's battle priorities are:

1. South Khorasan
2. Cuyo
3. Umm al Quwain

Ministry of Defence recommend to fight in a battle with lower wall.

What can you do to fight more efficiently?

1. fight when the wall is below 52% - if it is more than 52%, fight in another important battle or wait.
2. always defeat the enemy to his 0 hp, only then your influence will be counted.
3. at the beginning, do not fight with weapon. Spend earned money on developing your citizen.
4. if you can afford it, fight with Q7 weapon. It is better to hit with Q7 a few times and then without any weapon, than all hits with lower quality.

Second very important thing which we want to announce today is Ministry of Defence supply program. It includes all active eMalaysia citizen which will come to our MoD channel. Everything about getting supplies is described in THIS article.

You can ask: so, what's the deal?
If you will fill a special form given to you by MoD or vMoD, you can get up to 6 Q7 tanks per day to fight in appointed battle. Isn't it profitable?

MoD: jakubekz1994
MoD deputies: Leo Syahmessi, sir arianfar FV


I n f o r m e r
I n f o r m e r 1,914 jour, 10:15


Zordacz 1,914 jour, 11:10

Commentaire supprimé

Nerzhu1 1,914 jour, 15:59

New battles are available now jakubekz 🙂

Hajariyan X2
Hajariyan X2 1,915 jour, 07:06


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