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Country President election results(February - March)

1,905 jour, 10:27 Published in Belgium Belgique de tommot
Country President election results(February - March)


Tony Clifford(from All TOgethers) won this month elections and accomplished this with the support of no less then 4 party's
(Babyboom, Yes We Can, Netherlands BE Back, Belgium for Belgians).
He had a total of 56 votes(48.70%) out of 115 votes.
These are the articlse he wrote on his candidacy:

The second in line was A Vegan(from H.O.P.E.)
He had a total of 28 votes(24.35%) out of 115 votes.
These are the articlse he wrote on his candidacy:

The third in line was Kylero(from Res Belgica) who had the support of Belgian Liberal Democrat Party.
He had a total of 25 votes(21.74%) out of 115 votes.
These are the articlse he wrote on his candidacy:

The fourth in line was FreddeLeGrand(from Belgian Beer Party) He had a total of 4 votes(3.48%) out of 115 votes.

The Final runner is Jens Leupe(from Belgian Labour Party)had a total of 2 votes(1.74%) out of 115 votes.

And to round it all off i present this shot:

It is up to the winner and his cabinet to prove this choice was the right one.

Important notes on thing's that happened during the campaigns and the election:
* The Belgian Monarchist Party(BMP) has changed it's name, logo and specifications. The party is no called Belgian Liberal Democrat Party.
* There where several changes in the cadidates for this election, these where the most notable:
-> Zangetsu-osan(the current party-president of H.O.P.E.) was replaced by [/url] A Vegan
-> SwaqqCoryn(from Babyboom) withdraw it's candidacy to pledge it's support to Tony Clifford. An article of this change: Country Président : Babyboom point of view !
->Kaad(from Belgian Liberal Democrat Party)withdraw his candidacy because he believed there where better candidates after he placed his candidacy
* A small note should be mentioned that some articles gained votes(articles-votes, not election-votes) by purchasing them from a proffesional system. this action prevented other non-related articles from getting into view on the main page.
* The tittl of the previous article was incorrect: it stated "January - March" but it should have been "February - March".

As closing item, for those who love this kind of thing, here is a chart of the results:

Please do vote and/or subscribe
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Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate 1,905 jour, 10:57

Congrats Tony

Olv007 1,905 jour, 13:04

Yeah !

Ely.nea 1,905 jour, 22:45

thanks for the article and happy to see Tony new cp o/

Jensieee 1,906 jour, 10:08

Good luck to the new government!
Thanks tommot!

ambarche 1,907 jour, 05:55

Please accpet my request for Belgium
I came in Belgium for :
1) - because i want to help your economy
2) - because i like your country
3) - I speak : Macedonian, English, Serbian, Croatian.
4) - I have little experience of politics..
5) - I want to grow my economy
6) - Аnd i i like to meet new friends 🙂

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol 1,907 jour, 09:12

v25. Thanks for the analysis!

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