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Coming back.

1,827 jour, 01:36 Published in USA États-Unis de Terra162


I have been away for a very long time. I would just like to say that I'm planing on helping the eUSA in as many ways as possible. Knowing what I know now from some real world experiences I believe I will do better.

On another note it should be known that I plan on being very active as much as I can be for now.

Thank you all,

The Geldarian Tales.



Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield 1,827 jour, 01:53

Welcome back.

pop George
pop George 1,827 jour, 07:09

v + s

if you are interested in helping a small party consider mine

XtaSia 1,827 jour, 10:53

Welcome back! 🙂

greeling 1,827 jour, 13:55

awesome, i missed you

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