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1,915 jour, 00:59 Published in USA États-Unis de Ronald Gipper Reagan

So it's almost 4 AM. I was going to publish an epic article, but I am really tired. For everyone waiting for me to respond to your messages, I will get to it tomorrow. I am just tired and want to go to sleep now.

Hey, look what the AFA did. Get it? 😉

and here's a picture of my future wife Sandra Bullock. Hey, I know she's 25 years older than me. Don't judge. 🙂 I will also sign anything she wants, just saying!

This has been my random article that I am writing because I am sleepy and can't think right now.

Oh, and thanks everyone for all your help. We'll get them in the Congressional Elections. 😉

Oh, and those who oppose us are evil. We will defeat you like Reagan defeated the Evil Empire. o/ USA! USA! USA!



MDejzi 1,915 jour, 01:24

o7 Hail USA ,Fail Afa

nuno258 1,915 jour, 02:21

who´s awesome? you´re awesome..



New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man 1,915 jour, 03:45

Lol'd and Voted! o7

K1tho 1,915 jour, 03:56


Mister Y
Mister Y 1,915 jour, 04:21

Sandra Bullock is a bad actress.

WayneKerr 1,915 jour, 04:30

still would tho...

Wilhem Klink
Wilhem Klink 1,915 jour, 06:32

"Oh, and those who oppose us are evil." That's poor logic. Try this-

Fact: People who cheat are evil
Fact: eRep bans cheaters
Fact: Ronald Gipper Reagan has been banned three times
ergo: Ronald Gipper Reagan is therefore_________________

Go ahead, fill in the blank.

dayboy345 1,915 jour, 07:20

Can't wait to read this article

alkedsh 1,915 jour, 07:38


Emmanuel E. Albarracin
Emmanuel E. Albarracin 1,915 jour, 10:08


Emmanuel E. Albarracin
Emmanuel E. Albarracin 1,915 jour, 10:08


loftedraptor 1,915 jour, 11:22

Ajay, as always, You are Awesome! Get some rest Amigo:)

Rubicon8 1,915 jour, 16:05

Voted just because I am mentioned in your article

Still think you're a noob!

bigcdizzle 1,915 jour, 16:31

Commentaire supprimé

Andrew Carnagie
Andrew Carnagie 1,915 jour, 19:15

So the barbarians are approaching Nova Roma to be barbarians? Or is it Vandals? Or the heretic Visigoths? Or is it the Goths (Marilyn Manson anyone)? Or is it the Astrogoths?

shiloh13 1,915 jour, 20:05

lol, you and your strange fetish for reagan. He was a silly clown, like you are a silly clown.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan 1,916 jour, 23:44

Hey Andrew.

You really don't know history do you.

Look up the meaning of crossing the Rubicon.

Arrden 1,918 jour, 07:55

Reagan did NOT bring down the Soviet Union.

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