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Around the World #22; The Greek Wall of EDEN

1,826 jour, 23:31 Published in Canada Canada de Shoi12

So, how has the week passed in the New World? Who has made progress? Who has been dealt the scent of defeat? Find out in this week's edition of Around the World!


The Croatian Oceanic Empire


Belligerents: Croatia vs. Malaysia
Results: Croatia returned home. Home being their summer home. During the winter. Which is the summer down there. Where am I going with this? I need to think this analogy through...Basically, Croatia returned to its 'old' stomping grounds in Malaysia, and finished up its war. Instead of taking both remaining regions of Malaysia, which it had control of at one point, the Croatians instead only held onto one region and left the other under Malaysian control. None of the three nations against Croatia have declared war since Malaysia's wipe and return to the map, so it may be safe to assume that the war has ended for the moment. And with a couple of extra regions, Croatia can be happy.

Winner (campaign): Croatia

The Chilean Counterattack


Belligerents: Argentina, Bolivia vs. Chile, Paraguay, Peru
Results: A week full of epic battles and close calls resulted in a complete status quo from the last update. Argentina and its union state of Bolivia suffered a couple of tough losses early on in their war, but have since stopped the bleeding and in some cases even beginning to move back the front lines. Even with Paraguay's entrance into the war, Argentina and pet Bolivia have refused to back down. Bolivia has successfully held its provinces against both Chile and Peru, the latter cut off from attacking Argentina. Argentina has managed to cut their losses and take the initiative, with many fronts appearing to be well in favor for the defenders.

Winner (this week): Argentina, Bolivia (minor)
Winner (campaign): Chile, Paraguay, Peru

The Greek Epic


Belligerents: Greece vs. Bulgaria, FYROM
Results: Supposedly, facing multiple fronts is a dangerous predicament that's not very good to get caught in. But Greece proved that the mission was improbable but not impossible, winning both defensive battles and pushing back to win offensive battles as well against both opposing belligerents. All of a sudden, Greece has retaken Italian Campania from FYROM as well as two Bulgarian regions, against all odds. Serbia appears preoccupied and Bulgaria and FYROM have been awful. This could not be going any better for the Greeks, who are a few small steps away from defeating both their rivals.

Winner (this week): Greece
Winner (campaign): Greece

Six-Day Wars
Colombia wiped by Brazil and Mexico
Bosnia close to returning to the map
Serbia prepares to wipe Montenegro, set sights on Albania

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Suggested by Emperor Rick

Until next time, take care!

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I-Bleed-Blue-93 1,827 jour, 05:06

Awesome, as per usual

mcchickenburger6 1,827 jour, 07:32


Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 1,827 jour, 13:56


GameChanger 1,827 jour, 15:22

Serbia is going to NE Greece now, which will probably end up with Greece wiped. 3 v 1 is a tad too much in my opinion

klop123 1,827 jour, 16:08


As much as I wish that statement wasn't true...

btw Indo, Croatia and Malaysia signed a NAP between each other

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