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Are we bullies or eKiwis?

1,920 jour, 14:15 Published in New Zealand Nouvelle-Zélande de Crusadercarl

Kia ora eKiwis 🙂

Firstly, I just wanted to say I have not been asked by any member of eAustralia to write this article nor have I told any of them I was doing so.

Right, to business.

I want us to give eAustralia a break. They've hard a hard time. For over 4 years they have fought huge odds and while they will no doubt fight on for another 4 years they are also looking at other options.

Have a look at their MPP stack.

Not exactly scary, is it. They have removed all CoT enemy MPPs in the hope of moving closer to CoT yet we aren't letting up on them.

I'm can't do much about eChile or eIndonesia but i believe I have the right to ask all eKiwis if our current war is the actions of a country merely supporting allies or if it's gone to far and is just bullying.

CoT was created from a joining of countries that had been continually pounded from larger, cowardly countries. We all remember our desperate struggle against the eArgentines. Now we have joined together and defeated our enemies will we turn into a worse monster than them?

So there it is. I'm asking us to please stop our war with eAustralia for now. Give them a congress and a chance to plead their case with CoT. After CoT & eAustralia decide where they stand then we can get back to the eKiwi business of kicking ass:D

To any eAussies reading this. I'm not calling you pussies or saying you're a defeated people, this article isn't really about you at all. It's about my concerns about what eNZ stands for. It's an eKiwi article about eNZ.


Spud of Doom
Spud of Doom 1,920 jour, 14:52

I actually have no idea why we've been invading Australia recently. I just like having TP battles.

frejzer 1,920 jour, 14:55

Ain't nobody got time for dat !!!

eAustralia will see the light ONLY if Rowan Squiggley returns xDDD

Arthur the Elitist Cole
Arthur the Elitist Cole 1,920 jour, 14:57


Tim_Holtz 1,920 jour, 14:55

Thank you Crusadercarl, you are truly a gentlemanly adversary

Crusadercarl 1,920 jour, 14:57

I've been a cock more than a good guy in my elife. But I do have my moments. Few & far between lol.

Aussie Blokee
Aussie Blokee 1,920 jour, 14:59

Thank you mate!

Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator 1,920 jour, 15:06

Dont worry, no matter what you will not see the light in several years for traitors and liers.

Aussie Blokee
Aussie Blokee 1,920 jour, 15:09

If you really think that mate, theory's no hope for you my friend.

greg L
greg L 1,937 jour, 08:47

How would you like it if I did that to you, would you like it ?. who are you calling liars mate ?, and TRAITORS ??? wtf ?

Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator 1,937 jour, 08:48

Im calling you liar an traitor and all your country... But LoL, this is an old article...

greg L
greg L 1,937 jour, 09:05

Me a traitor ?, now you really are losing your matbles, I have been playing under 2 weeks, get a brain or check stats, btw, are you a Kiwi, or a Serbian, or maybe a Chilean ?

Djeza 1,920 jour, 15:02

I agree with you, we need to give them a break.

Djeza 1,920 jour, 15:03

Commentaire supprimé

Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator 1,920 jour, 15:05

So, you support the betrayal of eAustralia to eChile?
They have cheated to CoT, to eUSA, to eChile, TWO and eIndo with the hope of confront each other. Their are a bunch of liers that cross the line several times and that they actually deserve a punishment.

I hope that eNZ will not abandon us in the war that we are having against Argentina and CUA.If eNZ quit the war we will resive an NE from Auss and that will create a problem to our war plans.

eNZ and eChile together,
dont abandon us to our enemys.

Tim_Holtz 1,920 jour, 15:08

who broke the treaty is in dispute. CoT is having a trial

Llillo 1,920 jour, 15:12

not lie bro. nothing more to say.

Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator 1,920 jour, 15:12


Even eUSA CP recongnize that the Aussies break the treaty.
Belive me, CoT will not even going to consider that eChile break the treaty.
All the people knows that eAussie broke the treaty and try to make this eChile`s foult.

Tim_Holtz 1,920 jour, 15:15

and if USA said we were innocent then chile would veto them from CoT, nice try

Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator 1,920 jour, 15:18

Its seems that you dosnt know the spirit of eUSA. A country that leaves and destroy CTRL couse they had mpp with Hungary. eUSA does whats they think its right, not what the others countrys make them to do.

Tim_Holtz 1,920 jour, 15:21

you dont understand the political rammifications of them having to be in CoT to protect themselves, i understand the USA, infact ive been in a US govt position before. im telling you they did it to prevent being kicked out of CoT

DraimAlexander 1,921 jour, 01:16

USA doesn't do what they think is 'right' they do what they think is best for the USA. I don't think that's necessarily bad but I think it's true. I'm sorry you think we betrayed you .... but I don't see how. I've been in some area of the government since the start of this mess and every single group has fought strongly to try and join CoT and work with Chile. If you can't see that there is clearly nothing we can do to prove it at this point. 😕

Llillo 1,920 jour, 15:10

I think this article is not about that, I think that refers to attacking a small country militarily. no others thinks.

Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator 1,920 jour, 15:13

Australia is bigger than eNZ, , I dont even see the problem.

Tim_Holtz 1,920 jour, 15:14

Calois is Australia bigger than Indo+Chile+NZ?

Crusadercarl 1,920 jour, 15:29

Thank you Llillo. That is indeed all it's about. As an eKiwi I stood with eChile when it looked totally hopeless. I won't stop now or ever.

Aussie Blokee
Aussie Blokee 1,920 jour, 15:13

Have you not read any if the articles published about the treaty? We did not break the treaty, we did everything we were supposed to do. We can't control eArgentina... And when say punishment, we've had a full country all up probably 6 months since this game was made. I'd love to see you go through that and still be playing.

Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator 1,920 jour, 15:16

The ss, theback plan of confronting eIndo with eChile, to put eUSA from your side, your Machiavellian plan to screw eChile. That is not a treaty break?
If you are alone the only explanation is that you win that, even eUSA abandon you.

Aussie Blokee
Aussie Blokee 1,920 jour, 15:18

You've lost it mate, we did not want to screw eChile we wanted to be friends. We fought hard for you.. I did much more damage than the average echilian. Why would we screw you when doing so ensured us years more of being wiped? It makes no sense dude...

Binda33 1,921 jour, 10:00

Draim is correct. We tried damn hard to work with the Treaty last month but Chile wasn't interested in that.

Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator 1,921 jour, 10:13

Binda, dont make me laugh... You was the MoFa in that term. Dont be a little joker girld.
Dont see you that girls with under age are ugly when they lie?

Binda33 1,921 jour, 10:25

If you knew the facts (which you obviously don't) you'd know who's lying. Thanks for calling me under age, I haven't been so complimented in years mate.

greg L
greg L 1,937 jour, 08:52

Australia have NEVER wronged Indonesia but those thugs have treates Aussies like crap since day one. As for CoT, I wait to see thier response so I withold judgement till I see them do something decent by Aussies, History proves we Aussies have had the roughest end of the stick. This article was a good one but seems it fell on deaf ears.

Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First 1,920 jour, 15:10

Thanks CC - you've always been good to this noob from the start. It's things like this that can break the deadlock of despair in eAUS.

Koska de STRAH
Koska de STRAH 1,920 jour, 15:32

We don`t have nothing against AUS, true we were always at the opposite sides but we shared similar destiny.
This war is part of the CoT plan and eNZ must follow that plan, nothing personal.

Llillo 1,920 jour, 15:45

i agree with you in this point of view. because, this article no talk about this. 😉

Aussie Blokee
Aussie Blokee 1,920 jour, 15:55

The only reason this is a cot plan is because eChile has too much power in an alliance where everyone is supposed to be equal. eChile don't care the eAus didn't break the treaty all they care about is keeping there empire. So you see eChile has become what cot stands against and really from an outside view makes a mockery of cot.

alimilano 1,921 jour, 02:06

and they still patiently waiting for CoT court decision, lol

greg L
greg L 1,937 jour, 08:59

LOL, nothing personal he says,If CoT is moral it deserves to exist but if it screws us again, it isn't moral.

Maegalodonus 1,920 jour, 16:00

I like this article. I like the feeling in it and I sympathise with it.

But, on the other hand, I can also understand Chile. Aussies' foreign policy has been dreadful for years and now they look around and find themsleves regionally isolated and internationally overlooked. They brought it upon themselves, no one else to blame but themselves. I mean, were the situation the opposite would you see the Aussies displaying gentlemanry towards the beaten?

Regardless of that, yours is a noble standing. But alas, Chile has a valid point to question the reliability, commitment and loyalty of Australia as a potential partner as well. Complicated thing is complicated.

Tim_Holtz 1,920 jour, 16:16

we have always bordered Indonesia so our foreign policy has always been to deal with that, not much choice as a result of that unchangable fact

admittedly various administrations have been bad at doing diplomacy but overall we try to do right with everyone, the only country we have ever really tried to hurt and attack is NZ who we have a healthy respect for.

its much easier to understand Australian policy when you consider that our goal is and always will be having all our home regions. that will never change. but also keep in mind we have helped nations such as peru with brazil occupying them for many many months. we chatting to brazil on their behalf.

its always been our belief that every nation deserves a congress and as such have never in our history tried to prevent a country from having one

Spud of Doom
Spud of Doom 1,920 jour, 16:59

I have no idea what is going on in here. I had assumed all that nonsense about treaties being broken had been sorted out months ago. If somebody could provide a bit of background to try convince me that would be good.

Mickskitz 1,921 jour, 01:38

The eUSA decided after speaking with eChile (but excluding eAustralia), that somehow having players deal a total of 17million damage across an entire RW which was funded and fought by the eArg to hurt eChile, as well as the fact that eAus was suppose to sign MPP's with CoT countries but couldn't as Indo stated they would attack us, and the other countries did not want to waste money on a MPP that would be nullified, was considered breaking the treaty.

Spud of Doom
Spud of Doom 1,921 jour, 02:46

It was because Otago was liberated back to New Zealand, right? I don't know much about the wider scheme since I've been pretty inactive, but I can say for sure that battle was won because Argentina were tanking it, and I don't think it was set as high priority to defend until it was too late.

Trtemrte 1,920 jour, 17:42

Guys don't take it personal after all this is just a game. ATM we are at the winning side but all that can change and if you were in our shoes I'm sure you would done the same as we does. So byte the bullet and stop crying. Let's say this is a poker game would you throw your cards if you have a winning hand????
This is not a real life and we should all try not to take it personally. In RL I don't have anything against Australians in fact, some tome ago I was thinking to emigrate to Australia.

Tim_Holtz 1,921 jour, 23:47

do you define killing a community as winning?

all the time we lose players because we are always wiped.

DraimAlexander 1,921 jour, 01:19

I promise you if we were on the other side we would not fight to wipe a country. Every country deserves a congress, every single one.

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith 1,921 jour, 02:19

eNZ has been in our shoes. Where was eAustralia, standing beside you and defending your little eNZ Asses against big Bad eArgentina for 2 months. Where was eChile while this was going on? Sitting on their behinds until they made a back room deal with Ronnel to screw us over. We held T/EDEN out of supporting Argentina in wipe eNZ from the face of the eWorld and we get screwed over by you for doing it....What does that tell you?

A z t e c
A z t e c 1,921 jour, 23:35

Respect the CoT, nothing more, nothing less.
eChile has been allay for us eKiwis more than anybody, who helped us when we where over runnded.
Rewind the tape six months...
Give your allay respect...
Give your enemy fair battle....

Respect is given to those who respect gives.

Hail eNZ! \o/
Hail eChile! \o/

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith 1,921 jour, 02:20

And who helped you get wiped? eChile and Ronnel, by doing back room deals and trying to screw us over for defending eNZ against eArgentina who wanted to wipe you out to start with.

Go back 10 months and you will see.

gsfdgfs 1,921 jour, 00:18

But about six months ago when we had only one region left because of argentinian and brazilian occupation Australia attacked that last region to wipe us

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