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American Freedom Alliance: A Call To Arms

1,908 jour, 00:13 Published in USA États-Unis de Ronald Gipper Reagan
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I am writing this as a call to arms for Patriots all across our nation to rise up and take our country back. We must stand our ground and continue to defend what we believe in. I swore an eOath to protect our country from ALL its enemies, and that includes the many internally who have installed an eDictatorship within the eUSA. Frankly, I don’t understand how anyone(those that are actually real people) could believe the nonsense that our enemies say about us. There is no party in this country, and perhaps even the world that is more passionate about liberty and justice than we are.

Those on the other side openly embrace people who arrogantly say they do not respect the rules and laws of eRepublik. I would name names but if I did they would have my article pulled in a second, but those of you who pay attention know who they are. They have no respect for those who dissent against them politically. Let us make one thing clear that I have said many times before. Sadly, the first and foremost thing this is about is players who have been around since 2009, and those whom they have indoctrinated with their twisted view of the past hating me. For a long time, my party, like all of America, was almost completely real life American. There was no “PTO” threat, but you know what they still did? They would burn our party to the ground and laugh about it every chance they got. What was the reason you might ask? Simple. They personally disliked how I would be very assertive with my beliefs on IRC. That is the origin of this madness, and it is the underlining reason it continues to this day, no matter what they try to say.

When hordes of INCI were let into this country, it was perfectly “legal” and “patriotic”, and why? Because they helped the ruling elites maintain and even tighten their grasp on power. You cannot be a rational and independent thinking individual and actually believe that this group was more “American” than just about ANYONE who is in the AFA or is AFA affiliated. What is the difference? Simple. It all comes down to who supports who, and who believes what. They change their tune on just about any group as soon as they decide to fluff up the reigning cabal. Now, they will resort to any and all measures to crush our party and our cause. They have put the USA in to what is essentially a state of martial law for the past five months, and there is no sign of it letting up.

They claim the AFA is extreme, and they are reasonable. Our party has made MANY overtures to come to some sort of an accord. They call us “terrorists” and will agree to nothing but our destruction. Was it terrorism when they PTO’d our party for years when we were incapable of defending it? Nope, that was all fun and games to them. We just nominated one of the most moderate people in the country, and he actually performed worse than I did the month prior. That tells you all you need to know about what happens when we make conciliatory gestures of unification. They continued with their so-called “unity” process. It doesn’t matter if we nominate the Pope or the Dalai Lama, they will be viciously opposed to anyone who wants to unify ALL Americans. How can anyone support people like this in good conscience?

We now have another real life British President, who we are told is “American” in game and that is all that matters. Well, if that’s true, then what is so wrong with the different groups that compose the AFA? They play as eAmericans too, yet all are banned from serving in the “Official” US Armed forces. All receive hate mail and propaganda on a pretty regular basis. All are called “traitors” for having a different view and for wanting to be part of an independent movement that is trying to restore the meaning of America. All are accused of wanting to raid the US treasury and destroy the country when that is a complete and utter lie and doesn’t have a single shred of real evidence to support it. It does not make any sense.

These people write hateful comments in all of our articles, and write articles bashing us constantly, much more than they actually talk about why they are supposedly so great, yet people still support them? I am actually baffled as to how people can be so easily manipulated by lies. The only thing we have done is stand against a corrupt system. We will not participate in forums that are Administered by trolls and where our members are discriminated against. We will not let Hospital Orderly Luis have veto power over who acquires eUSA citizenship. If the Admins wanted that, they would’ve built that in mechanically. It is up to the individual Congressman’s discretion, period. They even try to say they can’t have resource bonuses because of us. Talk about a blame the victim mentality. Admin forbid we have a country which is economically attractive to more people. That would just be terrible. Instead, they decide to overtax the citizens and drain our resources enough so that they can maintain enough people to hold on to power.

So, you know what? We are the good guys. We give everyone a chance to get ahead. All we ask for is their friendship. It’s not so much to ask for. We accept everyone who wants to help us restore our country’s honor and to build a stronger party to help reach that goal. Those who oppose us claim to be “good”, what about cursing off your opponents constantly on propaganda podcasts and discriminating against a huge group of people is “good”? These are not good game players. In fact, they have done enough that we should rightfully question their character as people.

We have come too far to relent now. This conflict will end one of two ways. I intend for good to prevail over evil. With your help, I know we can win. This is a call to arms for all sane Americans to rise up and take back our country. Every little bit you can do counts. Write an article. Recruit a friend to help us. Anything you are willing to do really does make a difference. This party and this movement has evolved so much to be what it is today. It is nothing short of a revolution to reclaim our country and to stand up for what’s right. We will prevail because we have the facts on the side. We will triumph because we have the truth on our side. We will win because good always triumphs over evil in the end.

In Liberty,
Ronald Gipper Reagan
AFA Congressman
Two-Term AFA Party President
AED Commander ******



Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan 1,908 jour, 00:28

First Denied.

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico 1,911 jour, 19:11

Not denied, I can still comment. TROLOLOLOLOLOL

olivermellors 1,908 jour, 00:46

It is certainly true that the AFA would stand a better chance if you were not part of it. That is because you have played dishonestly. That is not a hateful statement. It is simply true that you have been banned on numerous occasions. I will not vote for dishonesty.

I also do not like you, because of your behaviours, including stalking a female player and insisting that RL American soldiers die without honour, that the sacrifice of their bodies and lives is not an honourable one. I can't abide that. You may have sworn thousands of buloney eOaths; they mean nothing when measured against your disgraceful behaviours.

You constantly assert that others hate. I don't. I don't have to hate to disapprove, and neither this game nor you are important enough to inspire any strong emotion, certainly not one as strong as hatred.

Uschmidt 1,908 jour, 00:59

Great article! The big parties except the AFA are run by an "exclusive" club of people who think they are almighty and can rule and censor all other players! Whatever RGR did before, it's not so worse than this people do every day with their backdoor policy! They ruined our nation, we dont have our bonuses since 5 months now! And as RGR said, when they needed foreigners (INCI) it was okay to let them in, but now the same thing should be illegal because AFA congressmembers let in voters for AFA? That's bigotry!!!

nipponninja 1,908 jour, 01:40


Persian Stormrage
Persian Stormrage 1,908 jour, 01:45


Diggs 1,908 jour, 01:50

Our economy was destroyed because of their hatred for one person and they still can't see beyond that hatred. RGR paid for his wrongs by being banned and I understand some for not forgiving his transgression, but really destroying our country seems rather lame just to try and rid the enation of one person. Perhaps some should take a step back and remember this is a game. If your hatred is so strong that you can destroy everything in the path to get one person, you need a break from the game!

K1tho 1,908 jour, 02:06


Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub 1,908 jour, 02:24


B.D.JOE 1,908 jour, 02:29


Stef40 1,908 jour, 02:33


Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield 1,908 jour, 02:38


Zoli 1,908 jour, 02:39

Remove RGR from AFA and you will have a chance for forgiveness.

bushin 1,908 jour, 02:41


loftedraptor 1,908 jour, 03:32

V 1,908 jour, 03:58

hail AFA

rolocalca 1,908 jour, 04:11

v 87 s 2598

CharlyGarcia 1,908 jour, 04:21

+V 90

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA 1,908 jour, 04:53


Emmanuel E. Albarracin
Emmanuel E. Albarracin 1,908 jour, 04:59

v 97 s 2666

Emmanuel E. Albarracin
Emmanuel E. Albarracin 1,908 jour, 05:02

fight for the freedom to take the oppressors of the nation to tyrants go together as Americans seek freedom oppressed by tyrants

loftedraptor 1,908 jour, 05:28

AFA is and never was a PTO party. It has been the target of PTOs led by the Elites for years. Those Blackguards have always Demonized us to keep us from becoming a T5 Party.

AFA is more like the POP Party as it is composed of Pizzed Off Players who have had enough Bullying and badmouthing, and are standing up to the Elite Ruling Class and doing well at it!

Join us and help us throw the Bums out of power!

Pay the Elitists back for 3+ years of Oppression, Domestic PTOs, Dirty Tricks, and Bad Stewardship of America. Do not be fooled by their slander of players who disagree with them.

Dedicated to the AFA and AED

It is your chance to actually fix what has been wrong with this Country for so long.

Best wishes,


New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man 1,908 jour, 05:37



M U R A T 1,908 jour, 06:20


Viarizi 1,908 jour, 07:17


Arrden 1,908 jour, 07:39

You need years of therapy

MDejzi 1,908 jour, 07:43

Stay out of my business You Tadic Supporters!!!!!!!!

sony toprano
sony toprano 1,908 jour, 07:49

Vote, shout, subscription

nuno258 1,908 jour, 08:18


Winter Night
Winter Night 1,908 jour, 09:10

"They claim the AFA is extreme, and they are reasonable. Our party has made MANY overtures to come to some sort of an accord. They call us “terrorists” and will agree to nothing but our destruction. Was it terrorism when they PTO’d our party for years when we were incapable of defending it? Nope, that was all fun and games to them. We just nominated one of the most moderate people in the country, and he actually performed worse than I did the month prior." x2

\\\\\ AFA /////

Profeta ERIC
Profeta ERIC 1,908 jour, 09:16

Voten Please¡¡¡
Profetin 2 for you¡¡¡

Azazel Romanov
Azazel Romanov 1,908 jour, 09:37

Saying you are good and they are bad is just like them saying they are good and you are bad. You're not exactly taking the moral high ground here. If you want to help AFA, it would probably be best if you stepped out of politics completely. In time, AFA might actually be accepted without your presence, and you know this. So basically you are selfishly holding your party back by continuing to be active and pursuing gains.

As Zoli said, remove RGR from AFA and you have a chance for forgiveness.

Brdar Dragan
Brdar Dragan 1,908 jour, 09:47

South will raise again!

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon 1,908 jour, 10:05

To those reading this article who support Ronald Gipper Reagan, learn about who you are supporting. The character of Ronald Gipper Reagan is actually a person named Ajay Bruno. This person has a long history of committing real life crimes against other players of this game. Ajay Bruno has a nasty habit of stalking women to the point that they have to contact authorities to stop him just so they can feel safe in their own homes at night. A simple public records search turns up the reports of these horrible actions. Ajay also lives in a fantasy world where he thinks that he works for various real life political campaigns. This is simply not true. Once again a simple internet search will turn up reports where the various campaigns had to actively work to get him to back off and leave them alone as they never had any affiliation with him whatsoever. So his stalking is not limited to women, he also stalks real life politicians and political campaigns. Now one of the most troubling things about Ajay is the constant stream of violent threats that he has put out over the years. Ajay has had no problem threatening to harm other players who he disagrees with. And now to the sickest part of Ajay Bruno, he has regularly threatened to harm other players children and families. While some players have provoked Ajay, what could the seven year old children of other players possibly done to him to deserve his rage. Do you really want to continue to play the game with a dangerous person who wants to hurt small children? As you play this game with Ajay ask yourself, "What happens if Ajay decides that he hates you as he does the players he calls elites?" "What happens when Ajay decides to do a bit of searching and finds your real life address?" "What happens when Ajay decides to make his way to your home with the intent to harm you, your children, or a member of your family?" People Ajay is sick. One day Ajay will track down another player and hurt them or their family. Will it be you?

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon 1,908 jour, 10:13

- iNCi was never a group whose uniting feature was hatred towards America. This is the case with AFA. Your members are drafted from countries that hate eUS and the real US.

- iNCi integrated with the eUS in a few months after its arrival. AFA members have always acknowledged their own status (correctly) as a foreign PTO party.

- iNCi fought for eUS priorities. AFA members fight for True Patriot medals and their Balkan homeland only.

- iNCi was inclusive, AFA is exclusive and elitist. We have logs to prove that.

The list goes on and on...

MadDealer 1,908 jour, 10:21

In Ronald we TRUST

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico 1,911 jour, 19:12

In Ajay we DON'T TRUST!

Waysted 1,908 jour, 11:18

"Those on the other side openly embrace people who arrogantly say they do not respect the rules and laws of eRepublik"

you respect these laws? you have been banned numerous times for multies.

" I swore an eOath"

to who? The same guy that made you a six star general?

Saximus Reloaded
Saximus Reloaded 1,908 jour, 11:23

What is this all about? However v+sh

Halems 1,908 jour, 11:44


LordRahl2 1,908 jour, 12:09

The true elitists are RGR (Ajay) and his cronies in the AFA leadership.

Do not be bamboozled by his words. RGR doe NOT believe in liberty, free speech, or democracy.

The AFA elitists are the true threat to American values. Remember that true enemies dress themselves in sheep's clothing. That is exactly what RGR and his cronies embody. Supporting RGR means opposing American values.

Why do you hate liberty?
Why do you deny free speech?
Why do you oppose democracy?

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan 1,908 jour, 12:13


The fact that you deny the 1.5 M figure of the AG, which is well documented and accepted by historians completely discredits everything you say.

LordRahl2 1,908 jour, 12:34

^Note that RGR is incapable of replying to my comment because it is true.

Syz2 1,908 jour, 12:57

Same junk as always. Better written than usual, but still full of the same lies. Take for example: "to raid the US treasury and destroy the country when that is a complete and utter lie and doesn’t have a single shred of real evidence to support it"

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon 1,908 jour, 14:50

Oh I am sure it does. In your little imaginary world that is.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan 1,908 jour, 15:08

Hey Syz2,

Because proposals which were put up for lulz are really "evidence"

dayboy345 1,908 jour, 16:35

It is horrible how some people try to degrade a fellow eAmerican, all because of his success.
Since I have been here I have viewed RGR as a helpful and ambitious character.

Krimpie 1,908 jour, 18:29

I'm pretty sure this was supposed to be something profound and not the drivel it ended up being

Thedillpickl 1,908 jour, 20:47

Didn't read any of this shit from one end to the other. Just wanting to point out that Ajay and other dickheads are why I don't care. More people that don't care = less power to control our game. I guess that's the bottom line.

Candor 1,908 jour, 20:54

1000 peeps in AFA (and associated parties), I won't ever label them all this, or all that. There are plenty of crisp and plenty of rotten apples in any bunch.

But the AFA isn't the nations biggest worry anyway. Be better if it was.

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