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Al Raposas for KMP (party) President (and PMA Regiment 4 Captain)

1,821 jour, 04:06 Published in Philippines République de Chine (Taïwan) de Al Raposas

I really did not plan to run again for Captaincy in my regiment in the Philippine Military Academy. However, I saw that I have not achieved enough for Regiment 4. Still, I'm going to state them anyway since I'm campaigning.

According to this article, I ranked 8th in the MU for the largest damage in the past 30 days. Yet, only I, Liana Paldrov and Jode Zaca who gave some contribution for the regiment's damage in the said duration, making my regiment one of the lower ranked regiments in PMA. If elected, I shall make my regiment in the upper half of the MU. Also, I managed to increase my regiment's membership by 75% since I began as its captain. I plan to further increase membership in my regiment.

I tried to revive the weapons' supply in PMA after the inactivity of our commander, and the other captains followed my suit. I don't believe it is much of an achievement, but yeah, that's what I can say. XD

I did run for KMP presidency a month back, but lost considerably to the incumbent. I only garnered 15% of the vote. Today, a month later, I am again standing for party presidency elections, with hope to garnered a more positive result than last month.

I am a legitimate member of KMP, as you can check in this page. I also took the Smallest Political Quiz in the Internet, and this is my result. Vote for me! XD

Government Experience:
* October 2012
- Vice Minister of Education
- Ambassador of the Philippines to Asia

* November 2012
- Minister of Education


Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque 1,821 jour, 06:39

Good Luck! : D
I also took the test, here's my result: : D

sinirbaba 1,821 jour, 08:54

good luck

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