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A place that is not ruled by politics named "Love and Peace"

1,921 jour, 20:14 Published in New Zealand Nouvelle-Zélande de Enoughmercy
Well, what would you guess, I moved. About time considering I was terribly poor due to the absence of jobs and we had a government named "Love and Peace"

Well, hello there guys! I had to add this one in, consider it a double news take. I have moved to the UK (HOORAY, CHIPS AND GRAVY!) for a more suitable environment for me. I personally do not like the name Love and Peace for a government that will be managing our wars and don't like starving (again, chips and gravy.). New Zealand always has the best governments!

To be honest, this is in no way a news report, I have been lying to you guys the whole time. This is a page where I show my opinion by raging at the problems of the second world. What a lovely page. I usually add pictures, but for this one I wanted to bore you completely.

Enjoy my peeps, until next time.


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