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2nd Edition of Miss eRepublik

1,920 jour, 11:10 Published in New Zealand Nouvelle-Zélande de New Zealand Public Information

Kia Ora eKiwis

The 2nd Edition of Miss eRepublik was announced recently in this article:

2nd Edition of Miss eRepublik Article

This is an invitation to all our lovely ladies in eNew Zealand to enter our national competition.

Entrance Requirements

1: Have between 1 and 3 personal photos, unaltered in a photo editor program.
2: Have at least one photo that validates you as a eRepublik player - the easiest way is to have a photo in which you hold a paper with your game username - the name mustn't be added digitally over the picture.
3: Have New Zealand citizenship.
4: Must be at least a level 15 user.
5: Say a little about yourself.

Anyone interested send a pm to me Tabithi by the end of day 1924. After that there will be a 48 hour vote to decide who will represent us in the International Final.




Fanktastic 1,920 jour, 11:11


Mario A Morsik
Mario A Morsik 1,920 jour, 11:15

Can I run ?

NoOnexRO 1,920 jour, 11:24

A biiiig vote for New Zealand!

anThhraX 1,920 jour, 12:53

Naked and bikini photos send it to me!

Raymond Aubrac
Raymond Aubrac 1,920 jour, 12:54

a copy to me ))

anThhraX 1,920 jour, 12:55

shhhh 😉

auck 1,921 jour, 09:40

lol me 2

Plitvicki Inspektor
Plitvicki Inspektor 1,920 jour, 22:28


LiquidIce 1,922 jour, 04:39

I will send my pics as soon as possible!

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