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[WTP] Leaving Office and Looking Forward

1,915 jour, 21:16 Published in USA États-Unis de MazzyCat

Kitty here to tell you all how much I enjoyed serving you all as Party President this past month. We are looking towards an even brighter future with Party President Elect Oblige. I'll be staying on as Oblige's VPP. YAY! I'll get to be re-involved with Inter-Party Relations as well. Which as some of you might know - I really love doing that sort of work.

This month has brought about some great changes. Yes we had bumps along the road, but the bumps taught a lot of us what WTP REALLY is all about. The people. We are not a party full of people who all feel the same way. We are not a party full of people who do not care. We are a party full of a vast assortment of minds and views. And you know what? That is beautiful to me.

We've brought about game nights. Congressional voting. A new voting system (YES it is still in the works, but it's there.) Ideas that are still in planning stages, but will come to fruition. WTP is starting to show true strength as one of the leading parties in the eUSA. That is something special guys. BE PROUD! I love this party and I truly hope you all do as well.

I've heard many people go on and on about 'problems' with WTP. And you know what guys? GOOD. They don't like the way we do things. They don't like the things people say. They don't like who we elect! Well - We happen to be We The People. We are not We the select few. We the Elitist. We the Makes Everyone Happy. AND we are especially not We the Do What a Few People Tell Us To Do. It's a party about the people. Some people just can not fathom such an encompassing vantage. And you know what? That is okay. We are We The People, and we are proud! We do not need others to understand to know what we are doing is the right thing.

So! That's it for now guys. I'll try to actively keep writing. Fun stuff! I want to aim for having more fun. Don't forget to come hangout on IRC with us #wtp on the Rizon network. Or hit up the party forums! WTP Forums You'll need to request access. IF you are a WTP member. you all! Well.. except you. You... have a funny look in your eye and it worries me.

Also - I like pictures of kitties. So I made sure and overloaded everyone with adorability! (Yes I know adorability is not a real word, but I don't care.) SO! Just one more to help everyone remember something really important to me.

We The People Vice Party President



Hale Kane
Hale Kane 1,915 jour, 21:21


Tiamati 1,915 jour, 21:33

Thats a bunch of very cute felines Mazzy; looking forward to seeing you in action as VPP and liaison for the WtP.

Speaking of action, when is the next game night?

MazzyCat 1,915 jour, 21:39

Game night is always Monday at 18:00 erep. 🙂

Ty! I adore the kittehs.

Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd 1,915 jour, 21:44

WE the

Good job Mazzy and keep the ball rolling guys!

Shirobu 1,915 jour, 21:53

Good luck on future endeavors.

ligtreb 1,915 jour, 21:59

Good luck!

Haselrig 1,916 jour, 02:43

Voted. Good luck Mazzy.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood 1,916 jour, 03:41

:pets mazzy cat:

Chopp 1,916 jour, 04:48

For the Bots, By the Bots, WE THE Bots!

All-American Bot Associations!

Greetings to the people from the bots!

BugsBunnyz 1,916 jour, 06:24

I made it in her article 😛 😉

You did a awesome job Mazzy 🙂

Tiacha 1,916 jour, 08:12

I love you pretty kitty. You did great! Meow!

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate 1,916 jour, 08:41


Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke 1,916 jour, 09:03

You did good Mazzy!

LitoII 1,916 jour, 09:11

haha, nice pics : ))

vote 😛

Johnny Cache
Johnny Cache 1,916 jour, 09:59

I skimmed tho but what you up to next Maz?

MazzyCat 1,916 jour, 11:58

Well I'm VPP so it's not like I'm sitting here doing nothing. Well.. that's what most VP's do, but not me! 😃 I don't know.. I'm thinking in a few directions.

Candor 1,916 jour, 16:07

Voted. Look at that foolish example you set: Serving just one term.

Quit being so crazy power hungry.


MazzyCat 1,916 jour, 17:26

Oh.. I'd run again lol

Hale26 1,916 jour, 17:53

Nice article Mazzy 😁

Twas a pleasure working with you as PP. Though everything wasn't peachy (As if it ever is :3 ) you did well 😁.
Ofc, you're still going to be my boss so not much is changing xD.

For the People,
By the People,
We the People !

...Need a better slogan. Or is it just me ?

MazzyCat 1,916 jour, 19:24

awww ❤ Ty Hale! Hmm.. I can think on a slogan.

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