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[The Voice of CoT] Closing January

1,899 jour, 13:14 Published in Belgium Belgique de

It has been a good month for CoT, with all members that wanted to, being able to secure Congress, and our enemies having trouble getting theirs. We keep growing and winning most of our battles with the help of our allies all around the eWorld.

CoT Full Members with Congress this month

Focused on helping allies, Bulgaria had lost some original regions against Turkey, but now they are isolated while with all CoT Turkish regions are being conquered, while keeping the regions in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, so Turkey is being attacked from both sides.

Of course that doesn’t stop Bulgarians from helping other CoT members win their battles.

For the very first time, on the historical day 1880, Chile was able to erase their long time Natural Enemy, Argentina, finishing an “eternal” war with them.

After erasing Argentina, Chile had a rough time, starting to lose campaigns after their very long string of consecutive victories; that turned into President Impeachment. But even when losing, Chile kept fighting following CoT priorities to help allies at very difficult times.

The new Chilean government decided not to renew the NAP with Australia, considering the Australians have not kept their word, and got the initiative in a victory against Argentina in Chilean original region Norte Grande, and then got their last original region, Zona Austral, keeping the initiative forward, while maintaining the presence in Australia.

New Zealand
NZ have been helping in particular Chile on their fight vs. Argentina; unfortunately, Argentina was able to liberate Otago, which is the bridge region between Chile and Australia.

So NZ has all their regions now and with Australia not collaborating, a region swap couldn’t be done, since both NZ and Chile have a large stack of MPPs in common.

Peru has been helping Chile with Bolivia who is a close ally of Argentina, helping erase them by conquering Pando, which they have kept controlled to prevent them from having Congress and adding a valuable bonus. No other campaigns in Peruvian territory except for training RW against Brazil who is renting an original region from Peru and keeping others while Peruvian focus is to grow their baby boom.

EDEN opened RWs for distracting Brazilian damage, was able to liberate Low Andes and affect Brazilian bonus, but was stopped in Lima by Peruvian and CoT forces which prevented it from being liberated; so Peru keeps a great relationship with Brazil and focusing on helping CoT while training their forces.

Paraguay collaborated strongly on deleting Bolivia and Argentina, and have kept most of Bolivia conquered after that, not just enjoying Congress but some extra bonus.

As they have not been attacked after Argentina was deleted, you can see Paraguay MUs hitting strongly for allies.

Japan has recovered some of their original regions and kept Congress for the third time in a row, while Taiwan empire has been shrinking. But USA hasn’t reached Japanese original regions yet, which is the ultimate objective of the operation Gangnam Style to delete Taiwan and finally allow Japan and SK to recover their full territory.

So Japanese focus on helping allies, as Taiwan has been careful not to start the war, since all CoT would go help Japan if so.

Moldova has enjoyed some peaceful month, as their Ukranian enemies have been deleted in concert with our TWO allies. While they are surrounded somewhat with Romanian enemies, allies Poland and Hungary have kept them busy with CoT prioritizing the fight against Romania many days this month.

So Moldova can focus on fighting for allies in CoT and TWO.

Mexico continue their military success, keeping and adding former Colombian regions, with great coordination with Brazil, unfortunately not being to leave them without Congress, since Colombia liberated a region just before the 23 and won the NE initiative, slowing down their deletion (which happened anyway on the 26th).

Now that Colombia is controlled (10 RWs and 7 direct battles won consecutively, Mexico has not lost since eDay 1860), Mexican fighters are seen all around helping other CoT members and allies.

Now that they are not playing war games with the UK, Belgium has been able to restore their stack of MPPs. They are now safe with allies Poland and UK surrounding them, but also without direct wars or RWs to fight.

So they have focused on helping allies in a non-military way, using their diplomatic skills, as the recent treaty with Switzerland show.

After being bordered by allied and “ProCoT” countries for all the month, so they were focused on helping CoT allies, Indonesian are now starting a campaign against Australia, in concert with Chile and that should yield them extra bonus. They keep their Malaysian colony controlled.

It has been back and forth in a big war between Macedonia and Greece, known to be one of the hardest war fronts in eRepublik. After Greece was deleted, they came back strongly, but now Macedonia has won the initiative again, got their original regions back, and then some Greek regions are now under Macedonian control.

Even with those strong enemies attacking, Macedonians are fighting for their CoT allies constantly, keeping CoT priorities over self-interest, and leading the way on the alliance that runs around the clock.

After signing peace with Sweden, our newest full member has been enjoying peace and growth in their territories. While completing their stack of CoT MPPs, they are now helping allies.

CoT Full Members with no Congress this month

South Korea
South Korea decided not to have Congress this month, to enable USA to fight Taiwan, since Taiwan has liberated the region of Jeollanam-do just for blocking USA from attacking them. So they launched a coordinated NE with USA, enabling the USA to come with all CoT and allied support.

Their territory is the focus of the Operation Gangnam Style, so USA, Japan and SK keep working together until we get rid of Taiwan. EDEN has been able to keep blocking this campaign by losing border twice already, but they cannot keep doing so while losing most other campaigns around the eWorld.


The threat of PTO has caused Switzerland not to have Congress for a few months now. So they have made deals with allies, like Slovenia, to erase their territory every month.

But this month they are getting help from Belgium, in the form of the “Chocolate Unification Treaty” ; this treaty is now being run by the people, in a referendum. No matter what happens, CoT and particularly Belgium are working to help Switzerland get free of those TOvers.

CoT Trial Members


Our new and for now only trial member, has been fighting all the month helping CoT, particularly in a war that has been expensive and time consuming, that is not for bonus, but for liberating CoT members from the old EDEN empire. In fact, it has been harder than planned, since all EDEN has come to the rescue of Taiwan on the critical battles they have won, but the war is not over, little by little the power of EDEN is shrinking.

As if that wasn’t enough, USA has shown their commitment by supporting many CoT campaigns, sending fighters to help multiple critical battles, which is one of the reasons CoT has been doing great in most fronts.

There is still work to do to get rid of pro-EDEN forces inside USA, same as in other allied countries (for example Brazil, which has also a party and MU that clearly does not follow their government) and even some inside CoT that EDEN tries to get a hold of; fortunately international relationships are improving, for example with Serbia calling their citizens back home to remove one of the excuses of the EDEN friends, and Australia or Colombia asking for help from USA forces (and being showed the door).

But they have been doing a great job so far, which we hope to see come to fruition in the upcoming months.

CoT growing and maturing

CoT has grown so fast, that our enemies have tried to seed false rumors and create disharmony both with our TWO allies and within our members; doing a lot of name-calling “traitors”, then saying recent enemies will become pro-CoT now that they left EDEN for example.
We have now a lot of members, so while keeping great relationships outside CoT, and even for some people, friendships with people in some countries that are now enemies; we need to be more careful with who can get in.

Our enemies have also predicted this growth will be our demise and that we will fragment very soon. That shows how strong is their fear; they even say we will follow the same errors they made (like EDEN when Chile and Bulgaria left).

They are right on one thing: we are at the stage that we need to be humble and not lose the forest for the trees; we need not to fall in the same mistakes, so we are taking steps to improve and even advance our Charter. But there is a big difference; we are not a “brotherhood”, in which Big Brother beats little brother when that is what is convenient. We are not a country in which Big damage is first, or countries are invited or vote depending on a rank. We are Circle of Trust, a concept that is hard to grasp for most that haven’t lived in an alliance like this; and we keep faithful to our name.


From CoT HQ:
Supreme Commander – chukcha
Supreme Commander – neolandes
Supreme Commanders Advisor - AlexFran
Military Commander – Ko3aTa
All team in CoT HQ and Alliance Court
All Member Countries

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Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant 1,899 jour, 13:28


Madacaion 1,899 jour, 14:04

Excited to see what CoT can do in the future!


From the eUK!

Jeiry 1,899 jour, 14:22

Very informative and factual article. Thanks for redirecting it in here.

boer jan
boer jan 1,899 jour, 16:13

great article, this way all of us know what is happening

Phantom Pain
Phantom Pain 1,899 jour, 17:19


FreddeLeGrand 1,899 jour, 17:48

I can do kung-foo, beware!!

Cotarius 1,899 jour, 21:20

Good article

MR. HANK SCORPIO 1,900 jour, 23:59


Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol 1,900 jour, 02:41


Aries Sun
Aries Sun 1,900 jour, 08:17

CoT is weak alliance, we`ll see what`s going to happen with us, when ePoland invade us.

Aries Sun
Aries Sun 1,900 jour, 08:21

After reading this article I got indigestion and I had to vomit.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate 1,900 jour, 10:55

Hail COT

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