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[POTUS] Candor: The Iron Dictator we need

1,895 jour, 20:05 Published in USA États-Unis de Candor

Pants Administration Application

We interupt this broadcast to announce that pop George has been chosen to be the Personal Press Secretary to The President effective immidiately. All requests for interviews will have to be scheduled through Mr. George.

Mr. George is a well respected member of society, a valued NoS Nation (and Dive Bar) citizen, and a true master of all things communication.

We (in the Royal meaning) have all confidence in his dedication to Party and pants.

Congratulations Mr. George.

Pants Administration Application

Hello. My name is Candor and I'm running for President of The United States.

I'm not a member of any Top 5 party, I'm a member of the wholly Independent NoS Nation (and Dive Bar).

I'm running in the General Election utilizing the mechanical laws of eRepublik.

If I win, I will have a diverse Cabinet representing all the major parties of the nation, as well as folks from the minor parties.

If I win I will do everything in my power to restore 10/10 bonuses ASAP.

If I win I will be beholden to no one nor any particular party.

Pants Administration Application

I will answer only to pants.

If I win, I will do everything in my power to actively recruit citizens from all the nations of the world, growing our MU's, growing our tax base, and regaining our Superpower status in the world.

To that end, I will promote the restoration of citizenship allocation to the mechanically endowed Congressmen who control such powers.

If I win, I will evaluate our continued association with CoT, with an eye towards respecting our stalwart and traditional allies. The people, you, will be expected to weigh in on this and all future alliances.

But our allies will know we stand with them, no more bull.

Again, the nation will be involved in my Administration.

All Party Presidents are invited to recommend folks from their parties for positions or representation with my Administration.

Pants Administration Application

I'm tired of the Unity Wars, it's time to move forward as a diverse nation, together.

Join me, and together we shall rule the world!

Or my pants.

But we'll do it together.

Dutifully Submitted,

Pants Administration Application

Do you play eRepublik for fun? Join us in world domination and dominos:

May the pants be with you, always.


Candor 1,895 jour, 20:53

Join me in world domination and pants!

Waruda 1,895 jour, 20:55

Nithraldur will kick your ass ;>

Syz2 1,895 jour, 21:51

Who are you planning to invade?

And AFA brings in as many people as they can every day. Doesn't seem like the increased citizenry has done much. I don't see why we should start making an effort to increase people even further than AFA already is.

Candor 1,895 jour, 22:03

We haven't increased, we've remained stagnant. We can't grow without 10/10 and increased citizenships.

And I've some Asiatic inclinations...

Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub 1,895 jour, 22:23


GENERAL NECROS QUINTUS 1,896 jour, 00:11

"And I've some Asiatic inclinations...". it seem we might not have a any choice. China has declared NE to brasil. It seems that asia wants to bite back.

Candor 1,896 jour, 00:21

Everyone's looking for a fight, and about time. I like the banter as much as anyone else, but I want to see this nation grow, and it's warriors more rapidly rise in strength. This stagnation is setting back an entire generation of our people and our team as a result.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian 1,896 jour, 03:05

Good luck Candor, and may the best drinker win!

Btw, as for diversity, in Serbian Dive Bar is called "birtija" (amongst other things we have about a million names for those joints).

soil3d 1,896 jour, 03:35

1. Who are you?
2. What have you done? Earlier experience? Titles? Anything? etc.
3. Which party you represent? Why you are not member of any top-5 party? Do you have any support of our top-5 party?

and final and most important:
What countries you think, are or should be our allies? Our current MPP list contains friends, enemies and something beetween them...

Candor 1,896 jour, 03:52

Soil3d: I am Candor, and I am NoS. I'm not in a T5 because the T5's spend most of their time fighting amongst themselves for power.

I expect that I have a lot of support in the T5 parties, as well as the 6th-30th parties too. But an election will determine that.

I don't like titles, and if I had any, I would sell them immediately for all they were worth.

Finland. I think it should be wiped from the map as soon as possible. Or Honduras, either one.

But whomever we wipe, we will do it with 10/10 bonuses and good, stiff, pants.

Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd 1,896 jour, 04:24

I don't wear pants....ever.

Candor 1,896 jour, 04:51

I'm getting that al ot lately. And this means you understand the needs of pants, their need to rest. You Sir are one leg of short of a full pair of pants, and that is to be respected. Touche.

Cyber Witch
Cyber Witch 1,896 jour, 05:12

Joseph goes commandoooooooooooooooo. Do you like milk duds?

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati 1,896 jour, 05:50

Hey Candor. Hit me with a double Scotch.

Super Kaioken Goku
Super Kaioken Goku 1,896 jour, 05:58

Supported by a super saiyan that (occasionally) wears pants.

Vanek26 1,896 jour, 06:52

Where are we supposed to get 100/100? It doesn't just happen.

yenchizzle 1,896 jour, 07:00

I'll take two glasses please, one filled with three fingers of scotch and one filled with three fingers of milk duds!

Simulare 1,896 jour, 07:28

3 fingers of milk duds really isn't that much. 3 fistfulls is more like it. This is the party of fisting!

yenchizzle 1,896 jour, 07:44

NoS, fisting our way to greatness!

GoopyPants 1,896 jour, 07:51

Wait? Pants?

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield 1,896 jour, 08:10


Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 1,896 jour, 09:55

"Invader's blood marches through my veins,
The pants command me. Do not ignore my veins!"

~ Invader ZIM, 2001

Candor, you stand on the shoulders of 'giants'. ^_~

Gnilraps 1,896 jour, 12:02

I wholeheartedly approve of pop George for this lofty position and look forward to his future success.

Thedillpickl 1,896 jour, 12:25

I will only support you if you promise to post every scrap of govt info publicly. I want our enemies... err, I mean our citizens to know exactly what we are doing before we do it. NO MORE SECRECY! Also before ANY decision is made by the govt it must be brought to a referendum before the people publicly and then a public vote. I want pure Democracy for the US. I want mob rule!

Banish the sheep!
Down with res publica!
Hail the mob!
The majority rules!

Viarizi 1,896 jour, 13:53

Join Candor in world domination and pants!

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA 1,896 jour, 14:06

I can't wait to see your program and goals. hope you will do good elaborate cuz i believe in you. GL bro o/

loftedraptor 1,896 jour, 14:15

I support you, you have earned my trust.

Good luck and best wishes,


Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great 1,896 jour, 16:10

Right now my pants are around my ankles.. that count?

FirstLaw 1,896 jour, 16:30

So if I elect you would I have to take off my pants or get new pants? What does your platform say about this?

Candor 1,896 jour, 16:51

Respect the pants. Sometimes that means removing the pants and letting them rest.

But in all things, we owe the pants our honor and dignity. We show respect for the pants.

Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd 1,896 jour, 17:55

Cyber WitchDay 1,896, 05:12 Joseph goes commandoooooooooooooooo. Do you like milk duds?

JD is leaning towards having walnuts......not so sure about the milk duds reference.

pop George
pop George 1,896 jour, 19:12

heck he only gave me this chance so my trolling would be that much more entertaining, and when I say trolling, I mean trolling him...

Hale26 1,896 jour, 19:18

For too long the pants have been oppressed by the earthly limitations of the human leg and buttocks.
I demand Candor launch a Pants-Space Program, launching all pants INTO SPACE !

Can Candor promise to start forming PSP for the betterment of the nation if elected ?

Candor 1,896 jour, 19:33

"Can Candor promise to start forming PSP for the betterment of the nation if elected ?"

Via my use of PCP and ESP I can promise the nation great pants. And through the respect of pants, we shall have PSP, TLC, and ABC!

stylez of roman
stylez of roman 1,896 jour, 20:40


Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon 1,896 jour, 20:54

The pants are dead. R.I.P.

Cyber Witch
Cyber Witch 1,896 jour, 21:09

JD milk duds are the NoS snack of choice.

Candor 1,896 jour, 21:13

Kemal, you disrespect the pants who bring you honor and dignity. For your shame, you shall forever go without pants. And this shall teach you, without a doubt, to respect the pants.

Serdjo 1,896 jour, 21:50

just start some WAR please

as I can see at the moment, eUSA act as little school girl

where is that big state with who eSerbia had epic fight in Liaoning

this is embarrassing

Jack Lantos
Jack Lantos 1,897 jour, 00:42

would you fund a national institute to invent rocket-powered jet pants to issue to every citizen?

Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd 1,897 jour, 04:36

@ Cyber - I thought you were commenting on my commando-ness lol

Willy Gray
Willy Gray 1,897 jour, 06:41

Onwards to victory!

Stef40 1,897 jour, 07:15


Simulare 1,897 jour, 07:21

Will Meggings be acceptable attire provided we stuff them with Milk Duds?

Candor 1,897 jour, 08:30

No skirts or robes like those silly disrespectful Romans. Meggings and Capris are daring but acceptable.

Super Kaioken Goku
Super Kaioken Goku 1,897 jour, 09:18

Down with Roman Skirts! Up with American Pants!

Candor 1,897 jour, 09:26

Anyone else read Zoli's article history? It's recommended reading.

Silas Soule
Silas Soule 1,897 jour, 19:36

Regarding rocket-powered jet pants, done.

morningblur 1,897 jour, 21:49

Candor, once again I think you will make a great president someday. However as long as we are under threat from the AFA, that day can not come. Your closeness and association with our enemy mean that you are not a good choice at this time. We need a president who has it in them to continue the fight against the AFA, not a president who thinks the eUSA should bend over, grab it's ankles and accept the AFA. They are not part of our country. They have not assimilated and become part of us. They are the enemy. I hope the eUSA as a whole can see this and not make the mistake of electing you at this time. Hopefully there will be a day when the AFA is gone that we can safely cast a vote for Candor, this is not that day though.

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