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[MoD] Orders for day 1920

1,920 jour, 05:59 Published in New Zealand Nouvelle-Zélande de NZ Ministry of Defence

Kia ora eKiwis!

Follow the priorities and fight where needed! If the wall in your DIVISION is over 55%, wait and keep the damage.

Priority 1: Fight for Bulgaria in Central Anatolia!

Priority 1: Fight for Mexico in Caribe e Insular!

For more information

Please, come to NZARMY
(#NZARMY @ RIZON, if the link doesn't work)

Spread this order to everyone!
Let's be proud and united!
To victory!


Sambo112 1,920 jour, 06:08

yay!!! go eNZ do your orders and kill the ad guys and WOOOOOO!!!!

long live eNZ
long live eUK
long live ME

Crusadercarl 1,920 jour, 11:03

lol awesome.

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