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[JK4Presidente] - External Matters and The Foreign Policy/Military Team

1,897 jour, 08:26 Published in USA États-Unis de John Killah

JK’s the GOLD Standard

Good Morning America! I hope you’re all feeling the sunshine today! I know I certainly am ...

Lets crack on!

My vision for our Foreign Policy and Military

When I decided to run again this month, I knew the cornerstone of campaign was really going to focus on my Foreign Policy stance. I also knew from experience that I was not going to be able to choose a course of action that’ll please everybody, look how Evry’s term turned out because she tried that approach.

So firstly, I will say that while my approach will not be universally liked, do not think that I am simply ignoring the people who dislike my course. I am always willing to listen to the arguments against what I’m doing and I will always listen attentitively and reply respectfully … You will not get insulted by me just because you disagree with me. All I ask of the people who dislike my approach is to do the same – Don’t insult me or call me all sorts of possible names (In any languages, we in the eUS are a diverse range of RL Ethnicities), come speak to me like a human being and lay out your problems. I can’t promise that it’ll change my plans, but I want you to know that your concerns are at the very least being listened to and considered.

Now, it’s no secret that I’m Pro-CoT. When the idea was first floated by Cerb towards the end of his term, I was initially sceptical. I, like many of you, saw CoT as Pro-TWO/ONE (Soon to be THREE in the future no doubt), and the thought of joining CoT made me very cautious. But over the past couple of terms, the arguments were consistently laid bare in front of me and it was this that swung me to CoT’s side (One thing people learn about me is I value logic, that’s pretty much the only way to change my mind on something).

I plan to continue Fingerguns’ efforts to make the eUSA a FULL MEMBER of CoT. While some people will see enemies in the allies, I also see many former friends there that want to be friends again and are only considered enemies because they disagreed with people in power at the time (See: Oblige/Argentina vs Chile during TERRA’s days) and I see the opportunity to help both the country, and the alliance grow with our presence! But do not think we will be throwing other allies to the wind, I plan on keeping them in the loop with our plans and keep friends, such as Albania!

This tie into the military aspect of my plans in which I plan on trying to find us new wars to fight in to help galvanise the nation because we’re fighting not only a PTO but constantly fighting a war against boredom. While I can’t promise that I will beat boredom, I will promise that I will try my very hardest to provide enjoyable fights and meaningful wars.

Introducing, the Foreign Policy Team!

Firstly, I decided that the Secretary of State job is going to be a big job this coming month, too big for just one person to manage alone. I have some plans for this department and I felt that it was going to require 2 PEOPLE rather than the traditional 1.

So, I hereby give you my Co-Secretaries of State!


These people are the main reasion why the nation has been doing so well in the foreign affairs. Without them, this nation would have been rudderless this month and might well of just been stuck in what I can only call a Black Hole of Foreign Affairs. But it’s not all I chose them for –

I’ve been working with Fingerguns on and off in the past 3-5 months, and each time it has been a pleasure and also a constant reminder that she constantly works hard on any given task. I know that she will take up this job with fervor and enthusiasm.

Tenshibo is a guy I’ve worked with in the past and I was extremely impressed with his almost single handed work on the creation of an entire alliance (As is known though, CTRL failed … don’t hold that against him though). He is my go to guy when I want to know and understand something that’s happening in the land of FA!

One of them will be heading our allies within CoT, the other will work on strengthening our relations with other countries and helping the rebuilding of the ambassador program.

Here comes the guns! The Military Team!

The military has ALWAYS been the crux of our nation – It’s the paramount force to help impose our will as a nation … without it, we’d be a small time player. But such an important factor in our Foreign Affairs needs strong leaders.

Hence, these are my amazing picks: As Secretary of Defense! –


Now, this choice will seem a little left field considering Duncan is more well known for his work in the Interior Department. He’s a great asset there but when he heard me and Jefferson Locke were planning our campaign, he asked for a meeting with us both and asked us extremely politely (Such great manners!) if we would consider allowing him a career change under guidance … And this where he wished to run.

While some may doubt because of his relative lack of experience as a SoD, I have EVERY faith in this man to do the job well for a couple of reasons – SoD handles the Defense’s budget, and coming from the Interior, he’s constantly around money, tanks and food in order to run the departments services, so if there’s anyone who is trustworthy in that respect, it’s him. There is also the fact that sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can help yield unthought of ideas and possibilities, both of which I feel Duncan will bring to the table.

Finally, he not going in as blind as you’d think. When I chose him as my SoD, I knew he was going to need some help … so I called upon a man almost like a bro to me – The outgoing SoD, Emdoublegee. Under Emdoublegee’s tutelage, Duncan has been getting up to speed with the roles of the SoD, the demands of the job and the problems facing our military!

Also on the front lines is the return of a familiar face, one which hardly needs any introduction: I give you my National Security Council Director! –


There really isn’t much I can say about this man that isn’t already known – He’s a previous holder of this title and practically led the masterminding of the strategy that gave us 100/100 Bonuses and helped us keep them for so long. He is what I can only describe as a Military fucking Genius … and considering I have some big plans on the war front, I needed someone who was battle-hardened and tested … ready to give his being to this cause.

He wasn’t just wanted for this role, he was needed.

The PotUS Campaign Series!
1) – Origins and the Leadership Team
2) – External Matters and the Foreign Policy Team
3) – Fighting Internal Threats and the Domestic Team
4) – Final words and thoughts
Click this to apply to be part of the JK Presidential Cabinet!

And if you want to ask me any questions, don’t hesitate to either send me a PM with your question … or join my Campaign Room at #strengthandfreedom

Keep it chillin eAmerica!


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John Killah
John Killah 1,897 jour, 08:26

First Denied because this is a team that OOZES sexy ...

fingerguns 1,897 jour, 08:31

I like the way the pictures are positioned. Perfect.

Vanek26 1,897 jour, 08:31

Wait, Duncan's a guy?

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke 1,897 jour, 08:38

JK 4 Potus!!

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe 1,897 jour, 09:42



Yes xD.

Arrden 1,897 jour, 09:59

Rinse and Re-peat.

This is game is boring as fuck now a days.

Arrden 1,897 jour, 10:00

Qualifications are HIGH.

But Leadership Skills, as low as can be.

emdoublegee 1,897 jour, 10:50


Nice team bro, I'm liking where this is headed!

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan 1,897 jour, 10:55

Recycling more failed names that are around every month........

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke 1,897 jour, 10:57

The only failed name in this article so far is Ronald Gipper Reagan

7etracampeon 1,897 jour, 11:10

A RL chilean selling USA citizenships:

That`s your allie in COT.

saraht0ga 1,897 jour, 12:50

"The only failed name in this article so far is Ronald Gipper Reagan"




Lord TJ
Lord TJ 1,897 jour, 13:23

Solid mate. Best of luck for next term.

Luna30 1,897 jour, 13:37

v 583

Viarizi 1,897 jour, 13:45

Redhaired girl's pic 4 POTUS

Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras 1,897 jour, 14:09

JK for POTUS imho.

TBH smart move with Vanek, I have respect for every other NSC that's been there but NOBODY can do that job better then Vanek.


Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras 1,897 jour, 14:23

BTW theres not enough HOOD in here

Tenshibo 1,897 jour, 15:49


kavinaugh 1,897 jour, 15:56

hey counting viarizi thats 2 failed names! lets see whose the third!

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris 1,897 jour, 16:43

Incoherence detected...

Why do you want to keep Albania as friend while seeking full membership in CoT?

Just drop them already. At least we can stop being hypocrit about it.

6PABO 1,898 jour, 04:39

Hi guys, have an RL birthaday, plz vote 🙂

SColbert 1,898 jour, 18:35

Vox Populi would have greatly appreciated it if JK had asked for our endorsement. We were both saddened, and angry over the fact that we were completely ignored by him. We take it as yet another slap in the face, by certain T5 parties.

We have heard that JK's reasoning behind completely ignoring us, was that he felt he would have no chance winning our endorsement. I was saddened to hear this, because several players, including myself, had wanted to vote for him in our primary. The fact is that, JK would have most likely won our primary, had he at least asked for our endorsement.

jmurrib21 1,899 jour, 02:23

Good luck John!

scottty the NUKE
scottty the NUKE 1,899 jour, 03:17

Good but your FA team is shit.

Tim_Holtz 1,899 jour, 03:19

and what is your stance over the bs pulled by the fingerguns administration in regards to Australia

are we just another ally you will sell out for CoT?

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico 1,899 jour, 06:00

The only failed name in this article so far is Ronald Gipper Reagan x3

I wouldn't say article, more comments but still. Ajay, SMD and GTFO PTOer!

Merle Corey
Merle Corey 1,899 jour, 12:31

not voted for too much tenshibo. Move to censure him.

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