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[FEDPP][EA] Exploration into Awesomeness

1,905 jour, 10:46 Published in USA États-Unis de EnterAwesome

Hello Once Again Feds,

Today at 19:00 ST the Fed Primaries will open for the Federalist Party Presidency. I am honored and very excited to say that I will be giving a go for PP if nominated.

On the 15th, I will hopefully run under the name Exploration... However, on the 16th my name will be changed to EnterAwesome again. Exploration into Awesomeness.

I have a lot of plans that I get really worked up over! Like much of the focus on my last campaign, my priority will be working on fluency, communication, and collaboration between my cabinet. I want to keep the Fed meeting on IRC but mainly for the members of the Fed Party to communicate with the cabinet and express concerns / give feedback.

Speaking about my cabinet... It's looking AWESOME. There is a perfect mix between veterans and newcomers which I believe is a perfect mix in any cabinet.

Another main topic I want to tackle is EZC. Such a top notch MU that takes no money from the government yet supplies many members and dishes out impressive numbers Day after Day. I want to work with my Media Director, Recruitment Director, and Retention Director to collaborate on a project for EZC that will hopefully spark activity, recruitment, and even add a little extra resources.

I will also be joining EZC for my entire PP term... and possibly longer

Thats all for now! My next article will reveal my cabinet and outline the goal and what I want to accomplish. This will be written if i'm nominated!

As Always,
With Love ,
Forever P/H.



Tiacha 1,905 jour, 10:49

p/h EA is awesome!

Lord Phenome
Lord Phenome 1,905 jour, 11:30

Forever P/H!

emdoublegee 1,905 jour, 12:25

Awesomeness! Good luck!

potato134 1,905 jour, 12:28

15:27 EnterAwesome lol
15:27 EnterAwesome noob

EnterAwesome 1,905 jour, 12:32

<EnterAwesome> LOL
<potato134> cause
<EnterAwesome> you didnt even include my winky face
<potato134> lol
<potato134> you want me too?
<EnterAwesome> um

potato134 1,905 jour, 12:32


Bucephalus92 1,905 jour, 13:08

Good luck I'm sure you would make a fine PP, though I don't really recommend putting mistakes you make IN BOLD 😛
Oh and top notch use of top notch

fingerguns 1,905 jour, 13:09

I support this

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