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[eUP] Opening of the eUniversity of ePhilippines, now accepting enrollees!

1,817 jour, 08:51 Published in Philippines Philippines de Vincenzo Roque


Last month, Day 1800, while I was the Minister of Education and Information, I read this article about the International eUniversity Project. It was an international network of educational networks in eRepublik, although quite small at that time, with operations in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. I then contacted its founder and head, Mr. Alex Great to request to open a branch here in ePhilippines and it was approved a day after. After some more talks with the head, the eUniversity of ePhilippines (eUP) is now about ready to open!

Enrollment Procedure

To be qualified to enroll in this university, you need to do the following things:

1) First, you need to have eFilipino citizenship. If you don't have yet, try applying (but the government have to approve you first) or maybe there's also an eUniversity in your nation.

2) Upload an avatar (For easy identification between the different students)

3) Vote this article and write the vote number in the comments (To spread the word to other prospective students)

4) Be a member of an MU (This is for your own good.)

5) Fill up this enrollment form.

Education Process

After enrolling, the students would be separated to different blocks which they themselves would name. Each block would have an ingame message thread created by a teacher where the lessons and quizzes will be given and also where the students can ask questions. Failing a quiz will mean repeating that lesson with another block. After 8 lessons, the final exam will be given. Passing that makes you an Associate Graduate and will allow you to take the next course to be a Bachelor, then Master, then Doctor. You will also receive a personal academic badge and will be listed in an Alumni Book like this.

What's in it for you?

Well, other than the knowledge that you will gain from this, and the friends that you will gain, you will also receive rewards for passing the quizzes (if you are at most Level 27 at the time of enrollment). These will be food and weapons from different donors and hopefully, the government, that will help you progress in this game.

If you want to donate, just send them here.

Dean of the eUniversity of ePhilippines
Proudly Pinoy


sinirbaba 1,817 jour, 14:05

also : )

Dytowi 1,817 jour, 19:21

to who must i donate?
pm me please

Mr. Alex Great
Mr. Alex Great 1,817 jour, 22:11


Kobelev Vladimir
Kobelev Vladimir 1,817 jour, 22:21


John Jurassic
John Jurassic 1,817 jour, 22:23

this is great, one click and you are enrolled, unlike in real life X D

Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque 1,817 jour, 22:24

oo nga e, 7:45 am pa lang, cutoff na pila

Vezh 1,817 jour, 22:41


Tadeush Kosciushko
Tadeush Kosciushko 1,818 jour, 23:00


Irusik 1,818 jour, 23:01


Zencheg 1,818 jour, 23:05


Prifect 1,818 jour, 23:27


Antropophag 1,818 jour, 23:43


ilya_aLenin 1,818 jour, 23:44


BlackMarket 023
BlackMarket 023 1,818 jour, 23:58


Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up 1,818 jour, 00:16

v31 salong time ago

boin 1,818 jour, 00:28


sleft 1,818 jour, 00:50


Leonism 1,818 jour, 01:26


Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up 1,818 jour, 02:18

buti dito walng tuition fee. lol

Aleksandr Kolchanov
Aleksandr Kolchanov 1,818 jour, 02:19


PetrovichVrag 1,818 jour, 02:35


Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque 1,818 jour, 02:43

Iskolar kayong lahat!
You all have scholarships! 😃

DragoonXRyu 1,818 jour, 03:22

eUP. HAHAHAHA. Wala lang. I was thinking of the other eUP. XD

Pissikot 1,818 jour, 04:18


Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque 1,818 jour, 06:19

What other eUP DragoonXRyu?

kb1992 1,818 jour, 08:31


Spirit of Chivalry
Spirit of Chivalry 1,818 jour, 08:33


Finway 1,818 jour, 09:20


nimnul 1,818 jour, 11:31


RoteBaron 1,818 jour, 11:45

vote! Good Luck guys!

Krazier 1,818 jour, 14:55

voted (64)

DragoonXRyu 1,818 jour, 21:33

@Vincenzo: eUP na pasimuno ni UP Pres. Pascual.

Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque 1,818 jour, 22:32

Note we are not affiliated to the eUP here : D

Eldarion Sionnodel
Eldarion Sionnodel 1,819 jour, 23:17

The goverment will give you what you want. You have our full support.

Josef Svejk
Josef Svejk 1,819 jour, 05:10


Etheridge 1,819 jour, 06:51

can we focus on taking back our lands? i haven't seen gov't support yet. what's going?

Avenger35 1,820 jour, 08:54

@etheridge renting agreement finishes on 18th, new agreement shall announce soon

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