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[eIre] Ministry of Foreign Affairs is speaking

1,822 jour, 14:16 Published in Ireland Ukraine de Nataliia from Galicia

Greetings, eIreland!

Hurry to update you on the latest events from around the eWorld!

But first of all I will start with appointments in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. xxAbraxasxx and me were appointed vMoFAs by our MoFA mirek12345.

Also there will be two junior ministers - Elite C and timofreeman who will to learn the FA side of the game.


- The US representatives have been contacted and we've re-signed our MPP with the eUS. Thanks to the US ambassador to Ireland Tasmaryn for his help with this

- Bosnian representatives have contacted us regarding a possible MPP between our 2 countries. The decision regarding this request has been postponed until we have a better financial situation in eIreland

- The MPP with Netherlands has been signed

Our alliance, Eden, has elected the new Military commander - CFovetS and a new Economy Organizerjotapelx

- Peace has been signed with eCanada after our training war for the halloween missions. eIreland can now concentrate on aiding its allies.

Unfortunately, sad news comes from the UK concerning region swap. The result of voting is following: 102 citizens voted NO and only 39 citizens said yes. There will be a detailed explanation from the CP so we’re waiting to find out the reasons of refusal.

- People have spoken recently about Italy’s will to leave EDEN. The Italian MoFA Atlius gave the following explanation of the situation:

“We are satisfied of EDEN but not at 100%, if we want to use percentiuals, we would say we're around a 55% of satisfaction, but we're not leaving EDEN for the moment, but since many people want Italy to leave EDEN we will do a referendum to be sure that's not the main opinion in the country.”

A random Italian citizen Fanaxidiel was asked what he thought about leaving EDEN:

“Italy should stay in Eden 100%. It has no chance outside of the alliance. We're the only country occupied by 3 countries at a time and also 2 allies have regions which they should retain but one of the best allies we have, greece, is helping us to have congress creating a barrier. Italy is not "unsatisfied" with the alliance but some italian players want to get their little power in congress and they would like to have more regions despite of thinking many allies don't even have congress. The problem is that if we wanna really free Italy the first thing to do is to increase Italy's power and efficiency. When you start talking about it to many people they are too lazy to do something for their country so it's not really a point between Eden or not but between individualism+lazyness and efficiency+help. You'll see how many "complainers" have plenties of TP and Mercenary medals. Very fun for some people who claims their country is not helped by allies. Anyway, even if Italy gets out of Eden (which I don't hope at all) we can't think of changing our allies because we are on the path to resources for Serbia and Slovenia. They will never exchange resources and bonuses just to have Italy on their side not even CoT, which is still a descendant of "One" and will never help Italy vs Serbia or Slovenia. So the idea to change alliance is just dumbs' lazy business”

That’s all for today 🙂

Thank you for your attention!
Sincerely yours,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs


uaporsche 1,822 jour, 14:36


Uljanov 1,822 jour, 14:36

Nice article!..

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith 1,822 jour, 14:46

Tnx Natalilia nice article


Stilpo 1,822 jour, 15:09

Amazing as always. Keep up the great work!

BiednyMis 1,822 jour, 15:28


AppleMan 1,822 jour, 15:35


Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes 1,822 jour, 15:46

Super job

moomoohead 1,822 jour, 15:48

Good update, thanks

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak 1,822 jour, 17:31

Voted hard!

Nataliia 😘*

Death Awaits
Death Awaits 1,822 jour, 18:29


Yes, I agree on posting an article on why UK does not want to do a region swap with us.

Fanaxidiel 1,822 jour, 19:27

Nice article! Voted! Btw... dear friends, help us convincing Italy to stay in Eden... I don't want to waste all our common work of these years!

Death Awaits
Death Awaits 1,822 jour, 19:47

I don't see Italy leaving EDEN right now. Some are unhappy and others are not. What people should be focusing on it revamping EDEN's leadership to make it more effective.

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker 1,823 jour, 01:53

In my limited dealings with CfovetS he was sound.

FdmScorp 1,823 jour, 06:51

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Belo Horizontee
Belo Horizontee 1,823 jour, 07:20

Great article !!!! Voted! Compliments

ChiMiner 1,823 jour, 07:40


Artaxerxes Pavonis
Artaxerxes Pavonis 1,823 jour, 19:13

Most informative Foreign Affairs article I've ever read.

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