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(eIndonesia Embassy) Wakatobi , Paradise for the adventure in Indonesia

1,821 jour, 17:05 Published in Bulgaria Indonésie de Wong Alus

Indonesia is a country with many elements of art, culture and attractions. One is wakatobi , paradise for the adventure

Wakatobi is an acronym of Wangi-scented, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko which is the name of the four major islands in the Wakatobi National Park

Wakatobi is a destination that caters to divers and nature-lovers looking for world-class diving far from crowds and commercialism – off the beaten path. The intimate, eco-friendly resort is located in the Wakatobi archipelago in remote southeastern Sulawesi, Indonesia, where it is the only fully licensed dive tourism operator. The resort itself is situated on a small island locally called Onemobaa. The island is beside Tomia Island, one of four major islands covering an area of 821 square kilometers. The beautiful resort is built directly at the seaside, with all bungalows spaced along an exquisite beach. The recently remodeled world-renowned Pelagian explores the outer reaches of the Wakatobi region and provides guests with even more great diving and marine life diversity. When it comes to value, few, if any, live-aboards around the world can boast the comfort and level of personalized attention found on Wakatobi's premier live-aboard. We will enjoy the best of land and sea, Wakatobi and the Pelagian, during one, once-in-a-lifetime dive vacation.

Wakatobi archipelago has a pristine nature, quiet with fresh sea water, underwater caves adjacent to each other is presented specifically for the true nature lover. It could be said that this area is a tourist area of ​​the first marine park in Indonesia.

Coral reef can be found hundreds of dozens of family types that lie along the hundreds of miles of coastline. In some places along the reef there are some underwater caves. Wakatobi has nearly a hundred species of colorful fish, king prawns Eurasia and several species of turtles that often lay their eggs on the beach. Also there are various types of sea birds perched on the reef such as goose-brown stone and a kettle melayu fly to sea to hunt for fish



OdagiriJoe 1,821 jour, 17:08


Pengemis Utara
Pengemis Utara 1,821 jour, 17:09

Finding Nemo! \o/

Socom XaviaX
Socom XaviaX 1,821 jour, 17:12


akmalaputra 1,821 jour, 17:17

ada nemo xD

Si Barda
Si Barda 1,821 jour, 17:30

ada nemo xD 2x

Mr.Smile16 1,821 jour, 17:34

ada nemo xD 3x

Miss*AllSunday 1,821 jour, 18:08

waduh koinnya $_$

terasi bakar
terasi bakar 1,821 jour, 18:14


Bond Guevara
Bond Guevara 1,822 jour, 00:22

ada nemo xD 4x

NO CARRIER 1,822 jour, 00:37

Nice, thanks!

LitoII 1,823 jour, 14:20

I'm coming!!! ... in ten yrs time : D

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