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[EDEN] Time to update our charter

1,879 jour, 02:21 Published in Poland Pologne de Mustafa Kemal Atajerk

Portugal - Wiped from the map, HAS A CONGRESS OF 10
Ukraine - Seriously, who does care? Whole 2 regions, no congress
Bosnia & Herzegovina - No congress, no regions
Romania - Normal day in HQ of EDEN. Cores + whole congress
Croatia - Decided to stay in India, congress exists.
China - Everything is fine, congress + regions
Albania - Did anyone care about Alabania? At last they have a congress of 10 people.
Netherlands - You must be joking? Dutch SC from country without a congress?
Israel - Has a congress, yay. But no regions.
Argentina - Country with 15000 citizens having whole 2 regions. Edit, today they've got erased. Congratulations EDEN
Colombia - Yes they have a congress... but no regions
Greece - smee sees the logs from HQ, but when he wants to see Greek regions and congress, he gets whole one region with congress.
Norway - Whole eRepublik forgot about their existence. 2 regions with congress.
Italy - 3 regions and a congress.
TUrkey - How can Holy Virgin Turkey be insulted? Congress + 2 regions under occupation + only one resource.
Taiwan - Everything is ok. Regions + congress

EDEN Wins a one battle, trolls like a crazy = Orgasm

Most of EDEN Countries are having few or no regions, some without any congress + a 15000 country with only 2 regions = Normal day for CoTWO


Prophet009 1,879 jour, 02:24


XenthuS 1,879 jour, 02:26


Gixeska 1,879 jour, 02:26

its funny because its true

NueveOcho 1,879 jour, 02:36


susususk 1,879 jour, 02:41

EDEN is like cripple, who are trying masturbate without hand, and as we know, reach orgasm without hand leads to big orgasm.

Albacetenis 1,879 jour, 02:54


Val3s OBrien
Val3s OBrien 1,879 jour, 03:21

Cheers although the fact that I do despite Eden
I'm sorry to hear about Van and NL

8-3=1 1,879 jour, 04:47

e o vorba, cainele moare de drum lung...continuarea se stie

tomas004PGU 1,879 jour, 05:00

Czekam rumpera w komętach

Marek5 1,879 jour, 05:08


Kherehabath 1,879 jour, 05:09


expession 1,879 jour, 05:14

its funny because its true x2:D

xenophob 1,879 jour, 05:28

Its true because its funny.

Sztandar 1,879 jour, 06:36

EDEN is quite smart, they lowered their expectations to the point where logging in becomes an epic achievement, true story

Setiii83 1,879 jour, 06:39


bouque 1,879 jour, 07:34

eden sreden hehehe

Mario Wawa
Mario Wawa 1,879 jour, 14:54

eden sreden SMOLENSK qrwa hehehee

Desperados51 1,880 jour, 00:01

Funny 2 seeTwo speack si much about Eden ... Fear ?

Kaad 1,880 jour, 04:22

Ahahaah Go CoTWO!

Wisho 1,880 jour, 10:01

Please update the article "argentina > deleted"

Jol nezunk Miki
Jol nezunk Miki 1,880 jour, 11:08

EDEN pee'd blood to achieve that victory in the irani-hungarian battle. Bought and spent gold and money like a madman. Iran probably went straight into bankruptcy. But they are still happy, because they defended one of their region, while their ally got eliminated. They won't be able to achieve such a victory for weeks. 🙂

Rromo 1,880 jour, 11:53

agree with wisho... argentina = 0 regions XDDDDD

Kurczun 1,880 jour, 12:04

Co wy gadacie!

Eden jeszcze istnieje?

War3hous313 1,881 jour, 23:09

great article!

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