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[DUNKS4PP] Part I - Strategy + Goals for the Feds

1,907 jour, 09:41 Published in USA États-Unis de Duncan Crowe

Fellow Feds o/,

The Federalist PP race has now begun, and we have already had some awesome candidates accept their nominations. I look forward to running this race against EnterAwesome and Paul Proteus, or any other candidates should they be nominated.

However, before I begin to campaign, I'd like to touch on why I'm running again, and why it's important that you not disregard me as "elitist".

Throughout my months in the Feds, my #1 goal has always been to serve the Feds. as best as possible! I've had the awesome opportunity to enjoy myself and work within the Federalist party to completely integrate myself with all party affairs.

I care for the Federalist community, and I want to continue to help them succeed in the role of PP. I hope you look at my run as opportunity for you to re-elect a dedicated, active, and supporting candidate to be your PP.

It's a joy to help lead the party to new heights! And, I believe that I can continue to accomplish things for this party!

Please, consider the other candidates equally, but remember...

I'm Duncan 'Dunks' Crowe, and I'm campaigning to be the Federalist PP for the month of February!!


After many months of being involved and active in the Federalist Party, as well as two terms as PP, I am very sure that I have a strong understanding of how the Federalist Party works, and what it values!

If elected, I plan to make sure that I am very open, and that I communicate with the people as much as possible. Communication will be key in my administration and I hope that I can really connect with you throughout my term.

Thus, I will assure that, if I am elected, I will not assert my plans with abandon, and not consider the reactions and opinions of the people. I have always and will always continue to listen to all viewpoints from you Feds.

We really need to feel that there is a strong sense of community in the Feds., and we work as a cohesive unit, not one with a leader and no direction from the people.

Ever since I joined the Feds, I've been incredibly active, and I will continue this activity in a new term. Activity is certainly something that is important and necessary to lead a party of this size, and I can definitely utilize my time in the best possible way for the Feds, as I have.

Like I said, I'm not going to force you guys onto a path you don't want to delve on, and I don't want to assert my ideas over yours.

Mainly, I just want to lead, not control! If I am elected, my leadership will reflect such.



To be honest, I’m not entirely sure if many Feds. know that Jefferson Locke and I founded the Fed. Finance Dept. that has been running for many months now.

So, I’m interested in expanding this program. I think we need to start having Fed. fundraisers, Fed. donation drives, and the like to help garner funds to support our articles.

I plan to make media a big focus in my next term, so it’s very important that we have a healthy Fed. bank account so we can buy votes for the articles that matter.

If anyone wants to volunteer for the position, please send me a PM. I would love to have someone new working here!


While I certainly am not an AMPer, I can appreciate what they did with their Congressional elections: Have people vote for the candidates they wanted in Congress.

I really like this idea of a Congress that is not handpicked by a select few. Because, honestly, so many good candidates apply for the position, and I hate selecting only a few, and not letting others in.

Because of this, next term, I will coordinate with my PD director Tiacha, and see if this is a viable, timely option that will not over complicate the race. \o/

Additionally, I plan on making sure that the Political Dept. doesn’t sit around and only post the forums posts a few times a month.

If I am elected PP, I will want this dept. to actively help Feds. grow in both party jobs and national jobs, thus serving as an awesome example of giving new people jobs.


Currently, the Feds are rising quite high in the rankings, as we have been for much of the past few months.

However, it’s very important that we not stay complacent with our current ranking, and keep on pushing towards more and more members.

As PP, I will continue to encourage the awesome program “Recruiting Rewards”, which has shown players that we appreciate their efforts and that we are not just expecting them to do something like that.

Additionally, I will make sure that we are actively messaging new members. Just today, I gave a new Fed. the resources to send mails, and he is now right on his way.

So, if I am elected, recruitment will be a top priority for me! I want to pass the AFA!!!


Gaining members is awesome, of course, but I feel that we need to make sure that we actively retain our new members.

Thus, along with Paul Proteus, I will attempt to make sure that we have fun, engaging programs that keep Feds. involved in the party!

Numbers are important, sure, but I think that the numbers on our forums are a more distinctive reflection of our awesomeness.

So, I will work towards a retention dept. that actively encourages members to sign up for the forums, sign in on our IRC, and get involved in the best party in the eUSA!!!


It’s impossible to ignore that our numbers are rising, and, as that happens, security becomes more and more of an issue.

While we do have safeguards set in place, I want FBI, if I am elected PP next term, to strongly work to make our forum as secure as possible, even as our numbers rise.

Our forum security is quite good atm, but, if I am PP next term, I will encourage Stewy, my FBI director, to actively screen the members, not just at election time, but at times where we get an influx of new members!


As I talked about above, communication will be a top priority. I do not want to have a very cloudy, murky administration and not let members know what I am doing.

So, if I am elected next term, I will work with fingerguns, my Media. director, and make sure that she has a very active media team working towards set goals and set deadlines. I also want to bring back Fed. media contests, as well as some sort of Fed. Newsletter.

As PP, I will want to have a Fed-tastic media, because we are the best party, and we deserve to flaunt that in the media feeds.

So, communication will be a top priority and I know that fingerguns can accomplish this!


eFPR continues to be a very important communicative tool, and I believe that, at the moment, it’s doing awesome!

If I am elected next term, I will continue to assure that the topics on eFPR are relevant and that we keep dead noise to a minimum.

Also, I feel that many cannot show up for eFPR and therefore lose an important communicative tool with the people! So, I will encourage everyone to show up, through media, and keep the issues super relevant!

eFed. Meeting

Participation is the main problem in Fed. meetings at the moment, and I know because I have been at all of them. This is something I will definitely work on, whether it be through a time change, more advertising, or just better topics.

If I am elected, I plan on making sure that every Fed seriously considers these meetings as viable way to get involved and share their opinion, and that every Fed is encouraged and wants to show up!

In terms of the topics we discuss, I plan on making sure that we focus on the issues at hand, whether they be Fed. party issues-only or national issues. I don’t want to make up issues because I don’t want to talk nationally, or vice versa. All I want to do in terms of the topics we discuss is keep them relevant, interesting, and a topic that does not have a clear decision.

If you noticed, I did not include my cabinet in this article nor any new ideas for next term, nor any ideas about EZC.

These will be included in my next article, as this is only part 1!! I have a lot of awesome plans for EZC, and I cannot wait to share them in my next article!

My cabinet is astounding as well, and I have a lot of awesome ideas that they will help me accomplish!

Stay tuned!

Part I - Strategy + Goals for the Feds
Part II - Goals for EZC + Ideas + Cabinet

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for my next article!

If you're a Fed and not running, you can still get involved in the race by asking your PP candidates questions!

Question Thread

See my answers here.

Please vote, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed this article!!


Fed. Party Page -
Fed. IRC -

inb4 Ajay


Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe 1,907 jour, 09:41

first reserved for FEDS4LIFE

Lord Phenome
Lord Phenome 1,907 jour, 11:18

You have my vote
Dunks for PP!

Tiacha 1,907 jour, 12:08



Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke 1,907 jour, 12:13

It's been a great two months! You've done an excellent job, and I look forward to seeing what happens in this PP race!


SinaAria 1,907 jour, 13:17


fingerguns 1,907 jour, 14:27


This made me p/h

We'll see how it shakes out. Once again, the Feds can't really lose.

Mr Crumpets
Mr Crumpets 1,907 jour, 18:55

Here's a game theory article for you. Be interested to get your take on it...

crashthompson. 1,907 jour, 19:56

Either way Feds Win.


Talio Extremist
Talio Extremist 1,908 jour, 15:28

p/h except towards the vote buying

Jasher 1,911 jour, 17:57


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