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[Democratic Socialist Party] Confirmation of Plans to Establish

1,821 jour, 14:54 Published in United Kingdom Norvège de Major Lee Hung

After receiving a number of good responses (Both in-game messages and forum PMs) I can confirm that the Democratic Socialist Party (DSP for short) will be going ahead!

I'm writing a brief article to outline our very short-term plans until the party can discuss the longer term, and hopefully encourage a few more people to get involved.

Key Dates as of Now

These are the key dates as of now to keep on track, they'll be changing with time and a lot more important events will be added as the situations arrive.

-15th November - Election and 'PTO' of the old UKAP (I received no objections to this so I'm going to assume the community is okay with it)
16th November - Setting up of temporary external party forums, beginning of discussions. Voting begins on party positions. Discussion of key policies begins. Etc etc.
17th November - Party President's 'cabinet' for the party will be announced.
18th November - Party member decisions for their representatives announced.
-19th November - Party 'Treasury' set up. (Spreadsheets and such for now) Mission Statements, Key Policies and Party Direction (Basically all the zzz stuff) will be passed for it's initial release by then.
-20th November - Party's 28 day budget announced.
-21st November - Military Stockpile Created
-22nd November - First of our many schemes will be launched by this date at the latest.

More Medium Term Stuff

-Military Unit launch in December
-eUK party forum hopefully set up in December, once we have the signatures and membership required. (although I'm geared towards sticking to an external site, PHPBB3 is just an eyesore)
-A wordpress site will be launched over the next 2 months allowing an external platform to display all of our policies etc.

Long Term Stuff

-Progressively make our way to the top 5, I'm going to push hard at this and make it my primary focus, and I aim to reach this target by late-January/early-February time at the latest.
-Get our food/weapon production rolling.

Why Join?

The DSP will be a new party, starting out from basically nothing. This may sound like a complete downside at first, but I see it as a blessing. The more established parties are harder to get in to. You're surrounded by a majority of people who have played for 1 year+; at which point most politically active people think they're experts on the game - this means the average person's ideas are constantly being shot down in favour of the party's popular member's 'visions' for the party.

I've been there myself, and I know how frustrating it is to watch the more popular members of a party drive their predessecors work into the ground because they think their vision is 'right' and your vision is 'wrong'.

In the DSP, everybody is equal. You might be vice-president, but this just means you've volunteered to devote a little extra time to help your fellow equals. Everybody will have opportunities, and those opportunities are decided based on how much effort you want to put in.

And this is where we're different, we won't judge your efforts solely on what you do for the party. Any efforts that benefit the eUK as a whole (Even if it swings in favour of another party) will be rewarded with extra opportunities.

The party hierarchy displaying how we're going to work and what positions are available will be published after some discussion with the party.

So if you're looking to join, feel free to PM me or comment to get further information! We need people just like yourself to get this idea off the ground, and if all members are in the same mindset, it won't take long - the former DSP in eAustralia is proof of this.

Thanks for reading,
Joshua Whelan



Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung 1,821 jour, 14:57

I'd like to once again thank everybody who messaged me, and wished us luck, for their support so far!

Those joining us, I'll be doing my very best to ensure your trust is repaid by building the party in to a success.

lancer450 1,821 jour, 19:09

Voted. Once again, best of luck, Josh! Wishing your soon-to-be party all the best. : )

Niemand 1,821 jour, 21:49

Good luck!

bamber 1,822 jour, 12:00

Good Luck!

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem 1,822 jour, 12:43

I missed the rise of New Era so will be watching this with intrest.

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