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[CP-Cyprus] cCc Aluminum cCc

1,819 jour, 15:49 Published in Cyprus Chypre de Finway

Hi, Geia, Merhaba, Privit, Bonjour o/

Citizens of Cyprus,
Times are changing but not the friendship between our country and Türkiye.
We stand unit and respectful from each other more than ever.

Tonight we come to an agreement to rent Tabuk to them.
They'll provide money and weapons.
In the following days, you, citizens will receive supplies from this rent to thank you for all the effort you've done and, I know, that you'll do for the island.
All hail Cypriots o/

Türkiye is a great nation, and I'm proud to sign the following agreement with Tjutg Simzb as he is a man of trust and honor.

1) eCyprus will free Tabuk by Resistance War and eTurkey will then take it by proposing Natural Enemy on eSaudi Arabia.

2) eTurkey will deliver
30,000 CC + 500 q7 weapons for the first month
30,000 CC + 300 q7 weapons for the remaining months
after the agreement signed.

3) Both countries are to send MU’s when needed in Resistance Wars.

4) Cyprus & Turkey will have MPP as the deal goes

5) EDEN HQ will guarantee for the terms of this deal.

Signed by eTurkey CP - Tjutg Simzb
Signed by eCyprus CP - Finway
Signed by eCyprus MoD - marcelbe / NoGuts-NoGlory
Signed and supervised by EDEN SC - Justino Figueiredo

Türkçe Versiyon

Hail Türkiye o/
Hail Cyprus o/
cCc Aluminum cCc

President of Cyprus



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ArslanbekSultanbekov 1,819 jour, 15:53

ikinç sal

Kutluk Bilge Kul Bekir
Kutluk Bilge Kul Bekir 1,819 jour, 15:54

= (

ArslanbekSultanbekov 1,819 jour, 15:56

türkçe yazsana oç.

xam xam
xam xam 1,819 jour, 15:58

sieg heil, heil Finway

Finway 1,819 jour, 16:00

Tjutg will write turkish version tomorrow ; I'm not good enough for that : D

adamjensenn 1,819 jour, 16:01

hail fingay

Sir.Chiral 1,819 jour, 16:02


adamjensenn 1,819 jour, 16:03

how many months the deal will continue ? any certain info?

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Vote Alert 1,819 jour, 16:06

merkez bankasını sal gelsin 🙂

Finway 1,819 jour, 16:06

no information, I guess it'll depend on CPs and international moves

ElRoi 1,819 jour, 16:10


Rauf Raif Denktas
Rauf Raif Denktas 1,819 jour, 17:26

selll everything
sell our country
we want to become greece XD

ReMiiX 1,820 jour, 08:11

I think this deal is really good.

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