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[CoT] Changes in HQ and News around CoT

1,906 jour, 04:16 Published in Belgium Belgique de

[CoT] Changes in HQ and News around CoT

CoT had a recent summit, in which we have done a few team changes:

•One of the SC elected for this month, neolandes, quit, as he was not able to continue on his position
•A new Bank Governor was elected, BrunoCND
•A new Public Relations was elected, seascifi

Latest news on CoT Countries

Bulgaria has conquered 4 regions of Turkey: Black Sea Coast of Turkey, Central Anatolia, Southeastern Anatolia and Mediterranean Coast of Turkey, on the last few days while keeping RWs controlled.
Chile has recovered all they original regions, then won Argentinian regions: Cuyo, Patagonia and Pampas, while Argentina is winning some RWs: Patagonia and Cuyo. They also are deleting Australia in coordination with Indonesia.
Peru has been liberating some regions in agreement with Brazil, and continues today with Lima
Moldova added a region recently, conquering Bukovina which had been recently liberated by Ukraine from Poland.
Mexico finished the full occupation of Colombia, conquering Amazonica and Pacifica, keeping the winning streak since eDay 1860.
Indonesian helped Chile deleting Australia and got an extra bonus; then conquered the two regions from Philippines, Palawan and Visayas, then they are answering an NE from China that now has a border with them.
It has been a good week for CoT, as shown with Macedonia conquering the original Greek regions of Epirus, Peloponnese, Aegean Islands, Thessaly and Ionian Islands on these last days, with no regions lost.
South Korea and USA
South Korea has kept opening RWs against Taiwan, and is working with USA to get Taiwan out of their territory. USA just won Jeollanam-do, opening the border with Taiwan, so USA and Taiwan are sendingNE against each other.

From CoT HQ:

Supreme Commander – chukcha
Supreme Commanders Advisor - AlexFran
Military Commander – Ko3aTa
Alliance Communications Assistant – Uncle Sociopath
Alliance Administrative Assistant – Lotus Black
Public Relations Organizer – seascifi

Alliance Court

All Member Countries:

New Zealand
South Korea

Original article:


Princesa Serenity
Princesa Serenity 1,906 jour, 06:53

Hail CoT

Ali Gual
Ali Gual 1,906 jour, 07:12

Subpole! The half world is mine...

Smells 1,906 jour, 12:11

Hail CoT! y cierro podio!

BrunoCND 1,906 jour, 12:32

I'm in : )

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate 1,906 jour, 15:40


Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol 1,907 jour, 09:12

Hail COT!

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