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[CoS] Gov Update

1,825 jour, 17:42 Published in Australia Australie de Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen

Finally got a moment to catch my breath and thought a little update would be in order.

RW Victories

We have freed two regions, to be honest this came as much a surprise to us as to everyone else. They were not pre-planned in the slightest. The fact is that Chile left the door open for too long and ‘certain individuals’ decided to just kick it in and remind Chile who we truly are. When this happened our allies came and brought the apocalypse with them.

A friendly reminder to Chile of the encroaching storm I think, these two battles hurt them and they have begun to understand the simple truth. No enation will ever feel secure while they are in eAus regions.

Our unforeseen victories have seen a change in plan, and many of you are wondering why we are yet to NE Chile once more. The simple truth there is Senate. With two regions, no NE and no NE counter attack these regions are as secure as they will ever be. If we NE chile and lost, they could very well wipe us again before Senate elections.

It’s not really a tough call when you look at the pros vs cons. After senate elections though expect things to change on that score.

New MoD

Although technically James Rellori’s move into the Department of Defense is only meant to be a week long thing, I have a feeling he will see out the month. After so long of nothing, within a few days he has reactivated the supply room and is just as responsible for the RW victories as any single soldier on the battle field. He is also looking deeply into funding and optimizing our budget expenditure. For too long the military have been aloof and not held accountable for their usage of gov funds and there has been no pressure to provide results. All of this is now changing and we will be a stronger nation because of it.


Our friends, allies, bro’s however you want to term it, have welcomed us back from the wilderness with open arms. Previous Governments let so many things slip away our MoFA department led by Tim Holtz has been flat out attending parties, functions and all other kinds of tax rideoffs.

eAustralia is back on the world stage. Our former MPP’s are returning, and we are starting to feel right in the eworld again. We had dropped from 20+ mpp’s down to 9 (via past 3 or so administrations) so its a long road back and we are taking it one step at a time.


This is probably the main initiative we have focused on and we welcome its return to eAus. How it was ever lost and forgotten is a crime. Please sub and vote this paper religiously.

Ok that’s probably enough for now, if anyone has questions ask them below and I will provide whatever answers I can.



Excelsior.HMA 1,825 jour, 17:51


Willialbus 1,825 jour, 19:15

No pole XD

Binda33 1,826 jour, 07:04

We had 18 MPPs during my term so it's been the last 2 terms that these have been cut. 9 is way too few imo.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen 1,826 jour, 07:41

"We had 18 MPPs during my term so it's been the last 2 terms that these have been cut. 9 is way too few imo."

thank you, records are limited about it... and no I wouldn' t trust 9 mpp's to escort me to the corner store....

sjetteron 1,826 jour, 13:23


Lord TJ
Lord TJ 1,826 jour, 19:07

"I wouldn' t trust 9 mpp's to escort me to the corner store.... "

We'd send Henry and Arthur Cole along. Can't take any chances nowadays.

Nathan Lloyd
Nathan Lloyd 1,826 jour, 22:38

well hopefully we will regain the MPP's with the countries that have helped us significally.

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